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Keep Your Work Pass Safe with Personalised Lanyards in Australia

Print Your Logo on a Lanyard Today!

Work passes are one of the easiest things to lose. Whether you leave it in the office or forget it at home, almost every office building these days requires a pass at some point to get in. Having a personalised lanyard is an ideal solution to ensure you never leave your pass behind again. Being able to hang it around your neck with other important things (like office keys) is so much easier than keeping it in your pocket or wallet.

Getting a personalised lanyard in Australia is a great way to promote your business to others in your office building, with continuous repetition of your brand logo around a thin piece of fabric. Coastal Direct Promotional Products offers a range of personalised lanyards in a variety of thicknesses, from 10mm to 20mm, and also provide unique woven products like dog leashes and shoelaces.

Coastal Direct Promotional Products can provide standard or custom lanyards and so much more from their factory right here in Australia. Our range of personalised lanyards in Australia is second-to-none and offer a quality unsurpassed in the promotional products industry. With reasonable shipping costs and speedy delivery, talk to our team about your promotional needs today.

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