Personalised Promotional Products To Promote Your Business Brand

There are many benefits to using personalised promotional products in Australia to promote your brand and business. Functional promotional products made from high-quality materials will stay with your customers for years and can help to create a deep rapport with your customers.

But before you start implementing promotional merchandise into your marketing strategy, here are a few main factors you will need to consider first:

Who are your target customers?

Before you can begin selecting which personalised promotional products in Australia you want to market to your customers, you first need to know who your target customers are. Using a generic product will stand out as simple marketing, but a relevant or useful product is a much more strategic option. What is their primary age demographic? What is the primary industry they work in?

If the majority of your customers work in an office, would a promotional coffee mug or a promotional USB flash drive be more useful to them? The more useful and relevant your promotional product is to your customers, the more they will use it to promote your business’s brand.

It must be high-quality

A promotional product has to be high-quality otherwise it will just feel cheap and tacky. This is why at Coastal Direct Promotional Products, we only use the best high-quality materials. If your customers work in an office environment, we offer promotional pens that feature well-known brands such as Parker® and Penline Swiss®, which guarantees a high-quality pen that your customers will use for years to come.

Our extensive range of personalised promotional products in Australia are manufactured from high-quality materials such as stainless steel, tritan plastic that doesn’t contain BPA or BPS, fibreglass and more.

Make sure your brand gets seen

At Coastal Direct Promotional Products, we offer numerous printing options to ensure that your brand stands out and gets noticed. Our various printing options include screen printing, digital printing, pad printing, embroidery, offset printing, laser engraving and roll printing.

To ensure your logo and brand grabs your customer’s attention from the first glance, we provide single colour, multi-colour and full-colour printing options with an endless choice of different colours available.

Choose a supplier with a wide range

When searching for a supplier of promotional merchandise, you need to choose a supplier that can offer a wide and extensive range of personalised promotional products in Australia. This allows you to market off of current trends such as the banning of plastic shopping bags. You can use promotional tote bags so your customers can use them as shopping bags and promote your brand when out in public.

When it comes to the leading supplier of personalised promotional products in Australia, Coastal Direct Promotional Products stands out in front. Whether you are in need of promotional products in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia, we can meet your branding and merchandising needs.

With an enormous selection of high-quality promotional products and express freight shipping across Australia, browse our promotional products today!


Promotional Coffee Mugs

Find the right Promotional Mugs, Travel Cups and Tumblers for your Giveaways

At Coastal Direct Promotional Products, we understand that promotional mugs in Australia provide a wider range of benefits for businesses than merely just convenience. Personalised promotional mugs provide an ideal platform for businesses to create an emotional connection or association between customers and their brand, create a mobile billboard that advertises to a wider audience and more.When done right, our high-quality range of personalised travel mugs in Australia will expand your audience base and see your customers develop a closer relationship to your brand.

This sounds great, but how exactly do promotional mugs achieve this?

The power of giving

It’s no secret that people love receiving gifts, especially gifts that are practical and can be used everyday.This is what makes our promotional mugs in Australia so effective as a form of advertising. People very rarely say no to a free item, and even if they end up giving their promotional mug away, the person they give the mug to will still use it. That person is then still advertising your brand to the people they interact with every day. No matter how many times the promotional mug exchanges hands, it will continue to advertise your brand.

Surely just an ‘average mug’ would be thrown out after a short time? Why would customers want to keep a promotional mug with a business’s logo or brand on it?

A wide and unique range of diverse promotional mugs

At Coastal Direct Promotional Products, we have a large range of unique personalised coffee mugs in Australia that are made from high-quality materials with a wide selection of different styles. Ideal for the morning commute to work everyday, our selection of promotional mugs in Australia includes the Swiss Peak Elite Copper Vacuum Mug. It features a double wall and vacuum insulated design with a unique lining inside the inner wall, allowing it to keep drinks cold up to 24 hours and drinks hot for up to 12 hours. Spilt drinks are a thing of the past with a locking mechanism on the lid and a flip closure that is push-button activated for smooth and easy use.

Our range of personalised travel mugs in Australia includes clear Plastic Double-Walled Mugs that feature a convenient silicone sleeve for extra grip and a silicone lid to ensure a tight seal every time. Your customers will also love our stainless-steel Thermal Travel Mugs with a 400ml capacity, perfect for keeping your drinks hot or cold when commuting to work, on a hike, having a picnic with the family and more. We even offer gift sets such as our Car Mug/Vacuum Flask Set that comes complete with a heavy-duty 600D carry case, a 500ml vacuum flask and two stainless-steel car mugs with lids.

Completely customisation

Our quality selection of promotional mugs in Australia is completely customisation with decoration options to advertise your logo or brand including pad printing, laser engraving, colour printing, laser printing,transfer printing, digital transfers and more. Many of our promotional mugs also come with gift box options for maximum impact when presenting gifts to clients, customers or staff.

Browse our website today to discover a wide high-quality range of premium and unique promotional mugs in Australia. Alternatively, contact Coastal Direct Promotional Products at 07 5524 6960 to see how we can help you. Custom branded promotional coffee mugs and travel cups are delivered direct to your business, company or events in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth and Hobart including local areas of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba. Give us a call or submit your online quote inquiry today!

Our Extensive Range of Promotional Notebooks – Perfect for your Business, Event or Conference

At Coastal Direct Promotional Products, we understand just how impactful and effective promotional notebooks in Australia can beat promoting your brand. Personalised office stationery acts as a ‘miniature billboard’ that constantly promotes your brand to your customers and clients. They can be customised to display your contact information and company name while promoting your logo, tagline and business. With customisable choices such as digital, pad and screen printing options, a wide range of colours, environmentally-friendly recycled paper and more, browse our extensive range of personalised notebooks in Australia today! Custom branded or personalised business notebooks are delivered direct to your business, company or events in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth and Hobart including local areas of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba. Give us a call or submit an online quote inquiry today!

Get More Brand Exposure

Searching for the ideal corporate gift? Our high-quality and wide range of promotional notebooks in Australia makes for the perfect corporate gift for clients and staff. They are handy and functional, which means that your staff and clients will be using their notebook daily. This type of constant and repeated brand exposure is rarely seen with other types of promotional products. Staff and clients benefit from a useful, practical and functional gift while your business benefits from highly effective and constant brand exposure.

An Extensive, Diverse and Customisable Range

Our range of personalised notebooks in Australia includes environmentally friendly products such as our BIC® Chipboard Cover Notebook Ecolutions® and Bamboo Cover Notebook with Pen. With features including spiral bound recycled lined paper, elastic closures and Bamboo and chipboard material, you can advertise your brand or logo with foil stamping, screen printing, laser engraving, PrismMax™ and pad printing options available.

We offer unique and stylish notebooks with galvanized cardboard covers, beautiful natural wood grain finishes, ‘heather style’ two-tone Neoskin finishes, laser patterns, marble soft covers, hard covers and much more. Our promotional notebooks in Australia include some of the biggest brands such as Atchison®, BIC® and Moleskine® and can come with additional pens, calculators, business card slots, pen loops, tissue paper between each layer, 2GB swivel USBs and more.

A Personalised Gift

When looking for a gift that will maximise your message, Coastal Direct Promotional Products offer gift sets and packaging for a number of our personalised notebooks in Australia. Our Moleskine® Gift Packaging and Gift Box features a high-quality notebook with pen and an elegant digital 4-colour process printed box lid. Our Ovation Gift Set features a sleek Venture A5 notebook with an Opal Mirror pen in a 2-piece cardboard gift box and foam insert. Nestled inside a smart and stylish black gift box, our Andorra Notebook and Pen Gift Set features a hardcover with high-quality lined cream paper, bookmark ribbon, a sleek matt anodised pen with shiny chrome accents, a magnetic and secure closure band, a wide range of different colours and more.

Promote your brand to your customers, clients and staff with our range of high-quality and customisable promotional notebooks in Australia at Coastal Direct Promotional Products. Whether you are searching for promotional tote bags, pens, water bottles, t-shirts, stubby coolers, office stationery, USB flash drives, key rings, briefcases, backpacks and much, much more; get in contact with Coastal Direct Promotional Products or browse our range today for all the information you need.

Promotional Stubby Coolers

Promotional Stubby Coolers and Can Coolers Make Great Event Gifts.

There are many promotional products such as pens, tote bags, keyrings and stress balls that are highly effective at promoting your brand to your customers in a highly functional way. However, promotional stubby holders in Australia continue to be one of the best ways to advertise your brand to a wider audience. At Coastal Direct Promotional Products, we have an extensive and high-quality range of personalised stubby coolers in Australia that can make your brand stand out while keeping your drink nice and cold. Customised stubby coolers or can coolers are delivered direct to your business, company or events in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth and Hobart including local areas of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba. Give us a call or submit an online quote inquiry today!

More Opportunities for Brand Exposure

In Australia, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a nice cold beer or a can of cider in the afternoon after a long day. As alcohol is, and always will be the drink of choice at social events, there will always be people drinking alcohol at social gatherings such as picnics, parties, work events, outdoor and indoor events, birthdays, pubs and restaurants. Add in the fact that Australia has one of the hottest climates on Earth, and you can start to see why promotional stubby holders in Australia will always have such a high promotional value. At Coastal Direct Promotional Products, we have promotional Foldable Can/Stubby Coolers that are made from durable 5mm neoprene rubber, available in a wide range of colours and are designed for 375ml bottles and cans.

Highly Functional

An additional benefit is that personalised stubby coolers in Australia are designed to keep your drink warm, which doesn’t just mean alcoholic beverages. No matter the type of drink, we have Schooner & Midi Glass Coolers to ensure that your customer’s glass is being kept cool while your brand is being promoted. With single, multi and full-colour printing options available, they are the perfect idea for any promotional campaign. Stubby coolers are also not an item that people usually buy for themselves, meaning that your customers are more likely to hold onto them when they realise how useful they are.

Promote to a Larger Audience

Another great thing about promotional stubby holders in Australia is that they make it easy to reach a larger audience for promoting awareness about your business and brand. As drinking is mostly done in a social setting, your customers will always be using their stubby cooler in the presence of their family, friends and work colleagues. At Coastal Direct Promotional Products, it’s not just their stubby or glass that they can keep cool. We can also provide high-quality Twin Wine Bottle Coolers with base, perfect for bringing a nice cold bottle (or two) of wine to birthdays, parties, BBQ’s and more. It can fit up to 2 wine bottles, comes in a range of print options and is made from strong, durable 5mm neoprene rubber.

Highly Cost-Effective

Personalised stubby coolers in Australia are also incredibly cost-effective, especially when compared to traditional marketing methods. Rather than spending large amounts of your budget on marketing such as magazines, billboards and radio advertisements, our stubby coolers allow you to directly engage with your customers for a fraction of the cost. They are also cheaper when ordered in bulk and are made from durable and quality materials to ensure a long life span.

With an extensive range including Wine Glass Coolers, Water Bottle Coolers, fun Jersey Coolers and much more, get in contact with Coastal Direct Promotional Products when you need affordable, high-quality and colourful promotional stubby holders in Australia to promote your brand. To browse our entire range of promotional products and to find out more information about our printing services, Take a look at our extensive range of branded promotional products today!

Promotional Key Rings

Check out the Best Range of Promotional Key Rings Personalised with your design.

Promotional keyrings in Australia have been used by businesses for decades and are still one of the best ways to promote your business. They are highly functional, cost-effective, come in different shapes and sizes, can be personalised and so much more. At Coastal Direct Promotional Products, we have a high-quality range of branded key tags, chains, lights and personalised keyrings in Australia that feature a variety of materials and endless decoration possibilities. Here is how our range of promotional key rings can benefit your business. Customised Key Rings delivered direct to your business, company or events in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth and Hobart including local areas of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba. Give us a call or submit an online quote inquiry today!

They are Functional

Keyrings can serve a greater purpose than just holding keys. With a vast range of key ring lights to choose from, our 7 LED Key Chain Flashlight means locating a keyhole or an item in the dark is no longer a hassle.Ideal as an emergency flashlight, it features super bright seven white LED lights. Your customers will never have to search for a bottle opener again with our Brio Bottle Opener Key Ring. Featuring a beautiful matt finish with the choice of a laser engraved silver mirror finish, our range of bottle opener promotional key rings in Australia provide useful functionality for your customers.

They Promote Your Brand Longer

Advertising your brand with TV and radio advertisement scan be effective, but your brand will only stay in your customer’s minds for a limited time. By promoting your brand with our range of personalised key rings in Australia, your brand is constantly in the palm of their hands. Whether they are using our Aztec 5-in-1 Multi Tool Keylight for some quick DIY around the house or our range of stress reliever key rings during a hard day at the office, your brand will be constantly in the mind of your customers.

They Can be Customised

With our range of custom designed promotional keyrings in Australia, you can ensure that your brand is promoted to a wide range of customers. Promote your brand in style with product options such as Star Flex Key Lights, LED PVC Flashlights and Flexible PVC Keytags. Make sure your brand or logo stands out with a variety of custom shapes, flat, 2D and 3D design options, colour choices, fitting options and more. You can create a one of a kind promotional product that is as unique as your brand.

They are Cost-Effective

Businesses can spend large amounts of their spending budgets towards marketing their brand. Not only is our range of promotional keyrings in Australia much more affordable but they also last for many years, resulting in a much higher ROI (Return On Investment). Promotional keyrings aren’t season-specific and can be gifted to staff and customers throughout any time of the year, can be personalised according to your brand and are highly functional – all for an affordable price.

When searching for a vast range of high-quality promotional keyrings in Australia, contact Coastal Direct Promotional Products. With customisable options including leather, timber, plastic and metal materials, engraving options, colour choices and so much more, you will find an affordable and easy way to promote your brand to your customers. Browse through our website to view our range of personalised key rings in Australia today.

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