Personalised Backpacks In Australia

Personalised Business Branding on Promotional Backpacks

Personalised backpacks in Australia are one of the best examples of effective promotional items for promoting your business’s brand to a wider audience. Our range of personalised backpacks can be customised in regards to your business message, logo or specific needs, and can be customised in many different patterns, designs,colours, materials and much more.

Here is why our range of custom printed promotional backpacks are the perfect choice for advertising your brand:

Advertise your brand anywhere

Digital marketing tactics can only do so much when compared to some of the traditional forms of marketing such as advertising your brand using promotional products. Facebook ads can only target people on a particular page or who are actively looking for a particular product.However, a personalise backpack has no limits to the potential audience it can reach by advertising from one person to another.

When the wearer takes their backpack to work or to the gym, it will stand out and become noticed to everyone around them. Our customisable backpacks can be given as a corporate gift, a Christmas gift to clients and staff, a promotional tool at events and many more.

They are highly functional

Customers, staff and clients that lead an active lifestyle will benefit a great deal from our range of personalised backpacks because they are highly functional and can be easily carried. Whenever they start their daily routine such as going for a run, going to the gym or riding to work, our high-quality backpacks are ideal. Not only are our backpacks highly functional such as our anti-theft backpacks and laptop bags, but they also feature stylish designs that will attract the eye.

Highly visible and effective

Not many other promotional products can match the high visibility of brand and logo exposure that backpacks can provide. Whether it is travelling on the train to work, enjoying a vacation or simply going on a walk, backpacks offer incredible brand exposure opportunities.

Because of a large surface area, printing or embroidering a business’s brand or logo will easily get noticed by anyone walking past. As a result, a business receives maximum brand exposure and visibility. Our high-quality personalised backpacks in Australia will give a long-lasting impression with our many different customisation options.

Endless choices for customisation

The best thing about our promotional backpack range is that they can be customised to your liking with an almost endless amount of different customisable options. The high-quality material we use allows you to easily customise your backpack with printing options such as screen printing, pad printing, sublimation printing and much more. We also offer a huge range of backpacks that include sling backpacks, tote bags, drawstring backpacks, laptop backpacks, sports bags and many more.

To browse through our entire range of premium personalised backpacks in Australia and discover how your brand will benefit, explore our website or call Coastal Direct Promotional Products directly on (07) 5524 6960 to see how we can help your business today.

Finding The Right Branded Promtional Products and Merchandise for Melbourne

For many businesses in Melbourne, no matter how large or small, it is difficult to market and promote their brand to their target audience with the always constant competition. Their customers have instant access to their competitors, which means there is constant pressure to promote their brand in order to grow their business. This is why getting your brand or logo out to the masses using our premium promotional merchandise in Melbourne plays an important role and gives businesses a great impression.

Giving away lesser, cheap quality promotional merchandise and products to customers and clients can have businesses appear as ‘cheap’. This is due to the quality of the product and materials used during manufacturing. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the promotional product needs to be expensive.

For example, using a basic and stock-standard umbrella with the company’s logo on it won’t turn many heads. Instead,using our Swiss Peak Tornado Umbrellas feel more like receiving a present as opposed to a ‘cheap marketing gimmick’. They are packaged in a stylish gift tube and feature an incredibly strong metal shaft that is encased in a sleek fibreglass frame and has comfortable rubber grips at the base.

By using our range of premium promotional merchandise, your customers and clients receive a premium product that reflects your brand. Our Quantum Trolley Backpack’s are manufactured and designed using strong and durable 600D polyester. They feature a tablet and laptop compartment, very comfortable padded back straps and a convenient retractable handle.

At Coastal Direct Promotional Products, we offer a huge range of homeware gifts and promotional merchandise in Melbourne that are not only highly functional and high-quality, but are also extremely useful in promoting your brand each and every time your customers and clients use them.

Some of our most purchased and popular business and corporate promotional products in Melbourne have been custom printed Power Bank/Swivel USB gift box sets,Backpacks, Tote bags, engraved Metal Pen/Pencil gift box sets and many more.They are sleek, stylish and are used daily. We have custom Inductive Chargers that feature full-colour designs, which have become extremely popular over the past few years. Promoting your business is easy with our range of promotional Polos and T-shirts which have highly visual and colourful design choices to choose from to perfectly incorporate your logo and brand.

At Coastal Direct Promotional Products, we offer a vast selection of premium high-quality promotional merchandise in Melbourne that will make the absolute perfect promotional gift for any occasion. If you are searching online for premium corporate gift solutions and merchandise such as clothing, office stationery, high-quality water bottles, tech gadgets or more, we will meet all your promotional merchandise needs. To learn more information regarding our promotional product range and to get started, browse through our website or call our friendly team on (07)5524 6960 today!

Custom Branded Corporate Rewards and Executive Gifts

In order for a business to grow and expand, it needs to promote its brand. As modern marketing tactics such as PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns and reaching out to social influencers take a full focus on promoting a company to the online world, does using personalised corporate gifts in Australia still hold value?

The answer is an astounding yes. According to the Australian Promotional Products Association, over $1.34 billion dollars is spent each year in Australia on promotional merchandise and corporate gifts. This is no surprise. Promotional products have always had a long track record when it comes to advertising a business’s name to a wider audience.

In fact, the below benefits continue to be some of the main reasons why businesses still continue to use promotional products as corporate gifts and to promote their brand:

The lead potential

When it comes to sales;leads are everything –and the same goes for marketing. When a business presents its staff with corporate gifts, it not only boosts morale but also increases their lead potential. If an employee if gifted a highly functional gift such as a personalised pen or a personalised mug, that employee will be constantly using it.

Not only will everyone around them be exposed to it, but they can also gift the item to someone else when they no longer need it. This creates a constant cycle of exposure that opens up a business to an almost limitless lead potential.

Retaining clients

Competitors will always try and poach clients away from other businesses, it has always been a fact of life. High-quality personalised corporate gifts in Australia help businesses to combat against this. When a client receives a premium corporate gift, it instantly establishes a deeper rapport, making it much harder for them to be swayed by a competitor. This allows companies to have a firmer grasp on their clients and customers.

Tailored just for them

Handing out the same generic gift to staff and clients runs the risk of looking ‘cheap’ or ‘uncaring’. When you turn to Coastal Direct Promotional Products, you can completely customise each corporate gift according to the person receiving it. We have a range of customisable options such as single and full-colour choices, pad printing, digital transfers, engraving services, embroidering and much more.

Staff loyalty

Staff love receiving high-quality corporate gifts just as much as clients. When your employees receive a premium corporate gift made from high-quality materials, it displays the image of a business that cares about its staff.

Long shelf life

Even if you are giving your employees and clients personalised corporate gifts for a particular theme such as a staff birthday or Easter, they can still continue to use the item. Because our promotional products only have the highest quality materials and are highly functional, your clients and staff receive a gift they can use for years to come.

To discover our entire range of premium personalised corporate gifts in Australia, browse through our website or call us directly on (07) 5524 6960 to see how we can help your business today.

Promotional Umbrellas In Australia

When using promotional products to advertise your brand, the biggest mistake you can make is to promote with products that your customers and clients don’t find useful or aren’t relevant to them. That is why umbrellas are the most effective (and safest) way to advertise your brand or logo without worrying if your customers will actually use the product or throw it away.

Here is why you should be using promotional umbrellas in Australia from Coastal Direct Promotional Products to advertise your business in 2020:

Everyone needs one

This first reason is, well, pretty obvious. Promotional umbrellas are almost a necessity, especially if living in the unpredictable weather of Melbourne. No one likes having to buy a cheap flimsy umbrella from the closest servo when it suddenly starts pouring down.

Unique styles that stand out

Even though everyone needs one; it doesn’t mean promotional umbrellas have to be boring. We have a huge range of stylish promotional umbrellas such as the Shelta Big Blue Sky Long Umbrella. Manufactured from both nylon and 190T polyester, it is 103cm in length and features a unique ‘blue sky’ background printed on the inside of the umbrella.

If you want to really make an impression, then our LED Light Sabre Promotional Umbrellas in Australia are ideal. The shaft features bright LEDs that will light up with a variety of different colours. It can also double up as a safety feature when walking around at night to ensure the user is seen, with an additional flashlight which is located inside the base of the handle.

They are a walking billboard

As promotional umbrellas expand outwards, they are essentially a walking billboard for your brand. You can choose to advertise on a single panel if wanting a noticeable yet still conservative design, or you can choose to use the entire surface.

Our promotional umbrellas in Australia provides the perfect blank canvas for your brand or logo, such as our Trident Sports Umbrellas, Swiss Peak Umbrellas, Typhoon Umbrellas and Shelta Executive Umbrellas. You also have printing options such as screen printing and full-colour digital transfer.

Massive exposure potential

As mentioned before, everyone needs an umbrella. This also means there are massive exposure opportunities to advertise your brand or company logo. Your customers and clients can bring them along to various festivals, corporate events or any events that have a large attendance of people.

Whether it’s raining or bright and sunny, our promotional umbrellas in Australia like the Umbra Boss are perfect. This premium umbrella features a high-quality and stylish 190T pongee fabric in an embossed pattern. It has an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 30+, which is ideal when it’s sunny as SPF 30+ can block about 97% of UVB (Ultraviolet B) radiation.

To ensure your customers, and your brand, stand out from the crowd during an event or during their daily commute, turn to Coastal Direct Promotional Products for our unique range of promotional umbrellas in Australia.

To learn more about our free local shipping, our affordable pricing and to view our entire range of promotional products, visit our website or call (07) 5524 6960 today.

Branded or Personalised Water Bottle & Sports Bottle

The best selling promotional products are personalised water bottles in Australia – and it is easy to see why. If you’ve ever been to a school, charity or work event, chances are that you’ve received a promotional water bottle. Not only are they extremely versatile but they are also available in a range of different and unique styles, colours and shapes.

Here are the best ways to utilise our wide range of BPA free personalised water bottles at Coastal Direct Promotional Products:

Support local charity events

Charity events such as colour runs and 5K runs are perfect for promoting your brand with personalised water bottles. You can give away a promotional sports bottle individually or create a unique package by combining a promotional water bottle with our range of personalised products such as bags, keyrings, stress balls and much more! The runners will appreciate their water bottle while promoting your brand throughout the event.

Show gratitude to your loyal clients

Our range of high-quality promotional water bottles is the ideal corporate gift to show your appreciation and gratitude to your most loyal clients. We have sleek stainless-steel drink bottles such as our 750ml Stainless Steel Bottle. Featuring a carabiner attachment and carrying loop, it is strong, lightweight and has a large 45mm mouth design.

It can be designed with your logo with decoration options including screen printing, pad printing, laser engraving and full–colour wrap printing and full–colour digital printing.

Use them at trade shows

Trade shows are all about promoting your business and services, so what better way to promote your brand than with our unique personalised water bottles in Australia? We have a vast variety of promotional water bottles that will make your brand stand out and attract the crowds, such as our futuristic 400ml Accent Water Bottles.

Their bevelled notebook shape means that they are easy to carry and fit perfectly into bags. They are constructed from matt finish polypropylene, available in a wide range of colours,and are also odour–resistant and shatterproof.Customising with your brand is made easy with direct digital and pad printing options to choose from.

Giveaways and prizes on your social media accounts

These days, customers mostly connect with businesses through social media, which provides the perfect opportunity to promote your brand with personalised merchandise. It could be for a variety of reasons such as for each 100thsubscriber to your business account, online competitions, randomly selecting users who share your post and more.

Our 750ml Infusion Drink Bottles are ideal as they feature an easily removable internal cartridge that can be filled with ice cubes, mint, sliced fruit and much more. They come in a sleek black gift box and can be customised with your business logo with both rotary digital print and screen printing options available.

Utilise our vast range of high-quality personalised water bottles in Australia and promote your brand to a wider audience. With discounted pricing, express freight to the whole of Australia and a huge range of promotional products, turn to Coastal Direct Promotional Products. When your in need of promotional products in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia, we can meet your branding and merchandising needs.

Browse our website to view our entire range or contact one of our friendly team members on 07 5524 6960 today.

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