When thinking of the best promotional product to use for increasing the awareness of your brand or business, there are many great products such as tote bags, water bottles, umbrellas and more. However, hats and caps are still one of the best promotional products for ensuring your logo gets seen by more people. 

If you are considering using promotional products to promote your brand at an upcoming event, trade show or exhibition, then here is why our vast range of custom hats in Australia are the best choice. 

Perfect for anyone

A major benefit of promotional caps is that they are suitable for anyone, regardless of their gender. This means that you have a much wider net to cast when targeting the type of customer you want to focus on. Most hats are ‘one-size-fits-all’ or have an easily adjustable strap to ensure the perfect fit. 

Of course, the biggest selling point is that everyone wears hats! This makes custom hats perfect when gifting to staff, clients and customers, handing out at industry events, trade shows, conferences, exhibitions and more. 

Stylish and functional

No one likes getting a cheap promotional product that they end up chucking in the bin as soon as they get home. With a unique style, our Urban Snap Hat is available in a range of different colours, stylish and features an ultra-modern flat peak. Designed with acrylic fabric and including the signature gold foil sticker on the brim, your logo or brand will stand out in style! 

If looking for a more functional promotional hat, our range of custom hats in Australia also includes our Poly Viscose Legionnaire Hat. Meeting all standards in UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) and UV (Ultraviolet) protection, it provides the ideal amount of sun coverage with a fabric covering to protect the back of the neck. This hat is the perfect promotional product for school events or local events that are outside in the hot sun. 

Durable and long-lasting

Our promotional hats are also made from high-quality materials to ensure they are durable and long-lasting. Combined with the vast range of unique styles, this ensures that your clients, staff and customers won’t be getting a cheap and flimsy hat that will start to fall apart from the moment they get home. 

For example, our one-size-fits-all Case Trucker Hat is made from 100% pigment-dyed cotton twill fabric with back and side panels made from 100% polyester mesh. Featuring a vintage style, it has a unique aged effect without any of the wear and tear. It has a velcro closure, a range of colour options to choose from and is perfect for advertising your business, brand or logo!  

At Coastal Direct Promotional Products, our vast range of high-quality custom hats in Australia includes beanies, trucker caps and hats, swim caps, sports hats, snapbacks, legionnaire’s hats and many more. To find out more information, browse through our website or call us today on (07) 5524 6960 and find out how we can assist your needs. 

When it comes to using personalised water bottles in Australia for promoting your brand, logo or business, there are some crucial factors to consider regarding your marketing strategy. Handing them out at trade and event shows is effective for spreading awareness, but without an effective strategy, you will just be wasting your time, money and energy. 

To ensure you are promoting your brand as best as possible, you need to consider these 3 crucial factors:

The delivery

The last thing you would want after designing and purchasing a large number of personalised water bottles is to throw them in the bin – which is what recipients will do if there is no strategy or tactic for the delivery. Don’t just hand them out at any event and hope for the best. 

For example, giving away glass water bottles at a local charity run isn’t an ideal choice. Instead, consider promotional water bottles such as our Australian-made Triathlon Sports Bottles. It features a screw-on lid, rubber valve top, 750ml capacity and can be customised in a large range of colours. Not only does it suit the event but it also has large print areas for promoting your logo. 

The audience

Before customising your personalised water bottles or promotional merchandise, first consider who you are targeting. Are you trying to promote to one specific type of audience or is it a combination? Consider which type of promotional product will be the most relevant. 

For example, are you giving away personalised water bottles in Australia as gifts to staff and clients? If so, then a sports water bottle may not be the best choice. Consider going for drink bottles such as our 750ml Infusion Drink Bottles. They feature an easily removable internal cartridge that can be filled with sliced fruit and herbs such as mint for creating delicious infused water. When the weather gets hot, it can be filled with ice to ensure water stays cooler for longer. 

The effect

Apart from considering how you will deliver your product and the type of audience who is receiving it, you also need to consider the desired effect. Are you giving away personalised water bottles simply as a gift or do you want people to engage with your business? Whether it is television ads, internet ads or radio ads – there is always a CTA (Call to Action) at the end. 

For example, Coca-Cola launched its hugely successful “Share A Coke” campaign back in 2014. With the simple act of having personalised names on the side of their bottles, it created a personal connection between the customer and the brand. 

Your CTA doesn’t have to be as intricate as this, but having a catchy tagline or a simple “contact us for a free quote” is enough to prompt the receiver to take that next step. 

To discover a huge range of high-quality personalised water bottles in Australia, turn to Coastal Direct Promotional Products. With a vast range of materials, colour choices, printing options and more, call us on (07) 5524 6960 today and find out how we can assist you or browse through our website to find all the information you need to get started.

A Cost Effective Approach to Help Manage Stress in Your Staff and Customers

As our lives have become more complicated, more involved and more demanding, the Australian workplace has become more stressful than ever before. So, what important role do promotional stress balls in Australia play and how can they benefit your business?

In 2019, a leading national mental health organisation called Superfriend conducted a large-scale survey on stress in the workplace. They surveyed 10,000 Australians that suffered from stress and found that 43% of them claimed their workplace had caused it.

Whether it is on a construction site, travelling on the road or in an office cubicle, stress possesses a serious threat to the average working Australian. However, something as small and simple as a stress ball can help to combat the negative effects of stress such as:

  • Squeezing a stress ball throughout the day can improve heart health by helping the body and mind to relax.
  • Using a stress ball can improve memory function by stimulating the left side of the brain.
  • By giving the brain time to focus and rest, stress balls can also contribute to improved moods.
  • As stress balls help to reduce stress, overall quality of sleep is improved as well.

Now that we have an idea on how effective stress balls can actually be, how effective can they be for promoting your business?

Many eye-catching styles

At Coastal Direct Promotional Products, we offer an extensive range of quality promotional stress balls in Australia that come in a huge range of eye-catching styles. When gifting stress balls to employees or clients, you can personalise them to their interests such as emoji stress balls, cricket balls, footballs, basketballs, globes, soccer balls, golf balls, baseballs, tennis balls and much more.

Made from quality materials such as soft polyurethane, you can choose from a wide range of colours including dark green, black, dark blue, red, yellow, white, purple, bright green and many more.

Perfect for personalising

Providing a good size of printing area, our personalised stress balls are ideal for advertising your business slogan and logo in an easy to read font size. We offer many different printing options such as 4CP (Four Colour Process) transfer and direct digital print, pad printing, digital printing and more.

Highly functional

As mentioned before, stress is an issue that threatens every Australian workplace regardless of its industry. This means that gifting a promotional stress ball is a functional gift that your staff and clients will continue to use throughout their day, advertising your brand to everyone they encounter.

Very cost-effective

Personalised anti-stress balls are one of the most affordable types of promotional items, making them very cost-effective when buying in bulk. This is why many SMBs (Small to Medium-sized Businesses) use promotional stress balls at various trade shows, corporate events and exhibitions to advertise their brand.

For an affordable, effective and stylish way to promote your business, turn to Coastal Direct Promotional Products for a leading range of promotional and corporate merchandise. Explore our website to view our entire range of promotional stress balls in Australia or contact us today by calling (07) 5524 6960 to find out how we can assist your needs.

Branded Business Promotional Umbrellas Australia Wide – Great Range and Affordable Prices

When it comes to promotional merchandise in Australia, it is important to promote your brand on a product that is relevant and useful to your target audience or customers. This is why many businesses promote their brand on merchandise such as tote bags, water bottles, corporate pens and promotional umbrellas.

As one of the most effective ways to get your brand noticed by a wider audience, umbrellas are ideal. Why? Well, for the simple fact that everyone needs one. Umbrellas are not the type of product to get thrown away as soon as they are gifted.

So, why exactly should you turn to us at Coastal Direct Promotional Products for our huge range of high-quality promotional umbrellas?

A comprehensive range of unique styles

Who said umbrellas have to be boring? We have a huge range of unique styles of umbrellas such as our LED Light Sabre Umbrella. Perfect for standing out and catching the eyes of anyone who passes by, it features bright LED lights on the shaft that light up in a variety of different colours.

Apart from ensuring enhanced safety to ensure the user is seen when walking around at night, it also features an additional flashlight located inside the base of the handle.

You can also discover a range of stylish umbrellas such as our Shelta Big Blue Sky Long Umbrella. It has a length of 103 centimetres, is made from both 190T polyester and nylon, and features an eye-catching background of a blue sky with white clouds on the inside.

Maximise your potential for exposure

When it rains; it pours. Everyone needs an umbrella, especially in areas with unpredictable weather such as Melbourne. This creates the perfect opportunity to maximise your brand or logo’s potential for exposure, whether it’s at corporate events, trade shows, festivals, on the way home from work or when going out to do the weekly food shopping.

For a high-quality promotional umbrella, our Umbra Boss Umbrella is perfect whether it is pouring down with rain or hot and sunny. It features a stylish embossed pattern and is made from high-quality 190T pongee fabric. It is also perfect when used during bright and sunny days as it has a sun protection factor (SPF) rating of 30+.

The ideal blank canvas for promoting your brand

Umbrellas open outwards and have a large surface area – essentially turning them into a walking billboard for your logo or brand. We offer various printing options as well such as full-colour digital transfer and screen printing in a variety of different colours. You can advertise your brand on the entire surface or just on a single panel for a more conservative design.

Make sure that your brand stands out from the crowd with eye-catching and unique styles by turning to Coastal Direct Promotional Products for a huge range of high-quality promotional umbrellas and corporate merchandise.

Call us today on (07) 5524 6960 to see how we can assist you or explore our website to learn more information about our affordable pricing, free local shipping and to view our entire range of promotional products in Australia.

Promotional Items, Branded merchandise and Personalised gifts in Sydney

There are many advantages to advertising and marketing your brand with a range of promotional products in Sydney such as a customised t-shirt, water bottle, umbrella or coffee mug. Using promotional products made from quality materials will ensure the product, and your brand, will stay with your customers for years to come.

However, before you can begin implementing various promotional products into your marketing strategy, there are certain factors that you need to consider when choosing a supplier.

Are the products high-quality?

A promotional product will end up feeling cheap and tacky if it is not made using high-quality materials. This also runs the risk of reflecting a bad image back onto your business. This is why when you purchase from Coastal Direct Promotional Products, you will only be using merchandise made from high-quality materials.

If you are gifting your staff, clients or customers who work in an office environment, then our vast range of personalised promotional pens are ideal. We feature a range of well-known brands including Penline Swiss®, Parker® and many more, guaranteeing your customers, clients and staff will be using them for many years.

Our entire range of promotional pens in Australia are manufactured from quality materials including tritan plastic which is BPS and BPA-free, fibreglass, stainless steel and more.

Does the supplier have a wide range of products?

When you’re searching online for a supplier of promotional products in Sydney, it is important to only choose a supplier who offers an extensive range of unique promotional products. This means you’ll have many more opportunities at your disposal when it comes to your marketing strategy.

Attending a sporting event? Then promote your brand on our range of personalised water bottles, sports bags, activewear, sports caps and many more. You can also take advantage of everyday products such as our personalised tote bags. Every time your customers bring their tote bags with them to do the shopping, they will take your brand too!

What customisation options do they offer?

In order to ensure your promotional product is eye-catching, your supplier needs to offer a variety of customisation options to make your personalised merchandise unique and stand out. This is why we offer a wide range of printing options such as digital printing, laser engraving, embroidery, roll printing, pad printing, offset printing and screen printing.

Your logo also needs to grab the attention of your target audience within the first few seconds. To ensure this, we also offer full-colour, multi-colour and single colour printing options that come with a huge range of various colour choices.

Do you know your target audience?

Once you have chosen your preferred supplier, you need to know who your target audience is. Will any generic product work or is a more strategic approach needed? Do you know the primary industry they work in? Do you know what the primary age is of your target audience? These questions are all important.

If you discover that your target audience works in an office, then promotional products such as coffee mugs, USB flash drives, stress balls and desk clocks are ideal. The more relevant and useful your promotional product is to your target audience, the more the product will be used to promote your logo and business.

To find a huge range of customisable promotional products in Sydney, Melbourne and across Australia, turn to us at Coastal Direct Promotional Products. Explore our website to learn more information about our free shipping or call us on (07) 5524 6960 to find out how we can assist your needs today.

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