We Supply Branded Logo Line Promotional Products

As a leading promotional product supplier distributing marketing merchandise Australia Wide; we provide leading brands like Logo Line direct to the consumer. Having a selected handful of preferred suppliers allows us to better market their complete range to it’s full potential. Many of our preferred suppliers are noteworthy with their product quality, professional branding and reliable turnaround times.

The brand Logo Line is one of our trusted promotional product suppliers and we are proud to showcase the full range of logo line promotional items and gifts. They offer an excellent range of promotion ideas, giveaway gifts, promotional pens and lots of electronic and novelty items. To check out there full range of affordable promo items for your next event or campaign view our full logoline range and custom brand with a logo. The main focus in this range is built from 9 major categories providing a selection of affordable everyday product marketing items, corporate gift ideas as well as tradeshow and conference essentials.

Affordable Solutions with Logo Line Promotional Merchandise

Bags, Backsacks and Tote Bags

Featuring  a exceptional selection of Bamboo bags, Canvas Totes, Calico Totes and Drawstring Backsacks in various sizes and natural colours. Environmentally friendly Cotton Totes in a great choice of colours and sizes as well as Shopping bags and Colouring Totes. With branding options from single colour to Nucolour full colour designs to provide the best decoration options for your logo. Promote your business on a logoline promotional bag and display your logo with outstanding results at you next event.


After something sweet to giveaway or place into a gift bag? Logo Line has a good selection of some of your favourites which include Jelly Beans, Lollipops, MM’s and Mints. Party Mix and Skittles are another tasty treat on offer. Various branding and packaging options to choose from with several different finished weights. Custom printing from single colour to full colour digital printed design or labels to promote your brand effectively. Consider a promotional sweet from the logoline range today!

Funky Thingz

Do you need something a little different at your next campaign? Why not try a funky Badge, Noise Makers or a Novelty Gift. Logo Line Has a great selection of Travel Items, Stress Relievers, Plush Collectables and Signature Bears. With high decoration standards and the ability to custom brand your logo design to it’s fullest extent on anyone of these promotional items. They even have Lanyards, Magnifiers and Coin banks suitable for promoting your business and marketing needs.

Health & Beauty

There is a good selection of everyday heath and beauty ideas for self promoting or promotion marketing campaigns. There is something here for everyone from Anti Bacterial Sanitiser Gels, First Aid Items, Personal Grooming Giveaways, Personal Pill Boxes and Tissues. Single colour, full colour labels and direct digital printing will ensure your branded product will always look at it’s best on the day.

Elevate your Product Marketing on Logoline Products

Home & Auto

If your a vehicle enthusiast like many others then this could be an area for you. Key rings, key Tags, Air Fresheners, Sunshades and Boot Organisers. Don’t forget various Tools,  Chamois, Tape Measures and Flashlights all which can be personalised with you logo for promoting yourself or a business. You will find handy home accessories gift items and ideas also within this area from the logo Line brand.


This has always been one of my favourite ares with many items of interest and fun for the whole family. You can find a fantastic selection of Drink Bottles, Reusable Cups,  Sports Bottles, High Bounce Balls, Fling Things and Flyers. Do you love the outdoors? check out the picnic and ground blankets, Dry Bags, Bat & Ball Sets, Hand Fans and even Sunglasses. Anyone of these Logoline products can promote your brand perfectly when considering marketing promotional merchandise.


Promotional Merchandise for the home or business office are in high demand. Logo Line provides a large selection of Notebooks, Note Flags and Magnetic Crock Clips for keeping all those important documents close and handy. Many of the products have a good variety of colours, sizes and branding possibilities for you custom logo.

Logo Line Promotion Products take you to the Next Level


Choose your ideal corporate gifts and premium items for any business or company. Many of these items are perfect as business rewards, safety awards or even as a commemorative item when a milestone of business development requires a recognition of achievement. Gift Sets, Power Banks, Action/Dash Cams, Virtual Reality, Bluetooth Speakers and Earphone are just a few and so much more. Many everyday items can also be discovered like Microfiber Cloths, Fitness Bands, Flash Drive USB’s and cables or accessories. Reward your employees, graduating students and dedicated customers with a premium gift from Logo Line proudly promoting your brand.

Write N Rule

Finding the right promotional pen or pencil can be overwhelming. Logoline have a unique range of all your business office essentials including promotional pens, pencils, Stationery Sets, Highlighter Pens, Colouring Pencils, Crayons, Rulers and Sharpeners. Schools, training facilities and educational institutes can take advantage of this category to find all there branded promotional essentials.

Logo Line is a leading Promotional Product supplier of quality branded merchandise with locally stocked promotional giveaway items, corporate gifts and many innovative promotional ideas. Take a look at our extensive range of custom branded promotion products Today! Coastal Direct Promotional Products can supply your promotion products anytime with 24/7 online quotes, find best promotional items for your next event or giveaway campaign.

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Promotional Marketing Merchandise for any Promotion

Creating a marketing strategy can raise a lot of questions that are hard to answer. What is the best way to have your logo or business permanently in the minds of your customers? What is the best cost-effective way to stand out from your competitors? There are many benefits to using promotional merchandise in Brisbane AU to promote your business, but one of the major benefits is having an effective and cost-effective marketing strategy. But how exactly can Coastal Direct Promotional Products assist with your merchandise marketing strategy? Well, check out some of our answers below.

Connecting With The Local Community

The best promotional merchandise doesn’t just have to be for gifts and seasonal occasions. It’s also a great way to connect with your local community and spread the message and awareness of your company’s brand. Providing promotional merchandise ideas such as t-shirts, tote bags, backpacks and inductive chargers will show that your business cares about supporting the local community. At the same time, your brand is promoted throughout the local community and establishes an important and personal connection to your community. Providing a promotion item adds a sense of value to your customers; their business is important and appreciated at all levels of inquiry or sale.

A Lasting Impression

Utilising promotional merchandise in Brisbane Queensland will also create a lasting impression with your customers. Numerous research and studies have shown that a majority of people will instantly remember the name or logo of a company if they received a promotion product from the same company. A promotional product is not just a gift, but also a constant reminder of your business when your customers are using your promotional product throughout their daily tasks. Even with tight budget restraints there are many quality cheap promotional items widely available for every day use with product marketing.

The Best Advertising Space

Most of your customers spend their time at their office or workplace, away from various forms of advertising. This is why using promotional merchandise in Brisbane from Coastal Direct Promotional Products will have your business’s logo on the best advertising space possible: your customer’s desk! Choosing high-quality and premium promotional products such as exquisite engraved metal pencil/pen gift boxes, water bottles, umbrellas, custom printed swivel/power bank USB gift box sets and other promotional office stationery will act as a permanent billboard right in the middle of their office. Promotional highlighter pens, custom branded notebooks and notepads are always in high demand.

Find the best promotional merchandise online 24/7 for your product advertisement! When you need high-quality, cost-effective and premium promotional merchandise in Brisbane for all your marketing needs, speak with the friendly and experienced team at Coastal Direct Promotional Products. Browse through our website today to find out more information about our extensive range of personalised promotional products in Brisbane.

As one of the best promotion companies offering quality promotional items at affordable prices for your business promotion marketing, speak to one of our promotion product experts about marketing your business with promotional items today!

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Promotional Products in Brisbane

Promotional Products in Brisbane and Quality Merchandise

For local businesses around the Brisbane area, it can be hard to promote and market your business to the masses against the constantly growing competition. Customers have more access than ever before to your competitors which means that promoting your business and growing brand awareness with your customers is crucial. An old yet proven form of marketing that can get your brand out there is with premium promotional products in Brisbane, and no, we aren’t talking about a tacky pencil or a fridge magnet.

With premium promotional products, your customers are using a premium product. This means that instead of a tacky pencil that they will most likely throw away after receiving, your customers will be using a functional high-quality product that is beneficial to them. For example, our Quantum Trolley Backpack’s are made from strong and durable 600D polyester, features a laptop and tablet compartment, retractable handle and comfortable padded back straps. A premium promotional product is like a business card that your customers will continue to use for years, resulting in free advertisement for your business.

Premium promotional products in Brisbane also gives your business a great impression. When giving away cheap quality promotional products, your customers will interpret your business as cheap from the reflection of the product you are giving them. People love free gifts, but no one likes cheap quality gifts. This doesn’t mean the product has to be expensive, just high-quality and functional. Instead of a basic umbrella with your logo on it, our Swiss Peak Tornado Umbrellas have an incredibly strong metal shaft encased in a beautiful fibre glass frame with comfortable rubber grips. They also come packaged in a sleek gift tube making our promotional products feel more like a present rather than a ‘marketing product’.

Some of the most common corporate and business premium promotional products in Brisbane custom branded have been; high quality engraved metal pen/pencil gift box sets, custom printed power bank / swivel USB gift box sets, Jute and Calico tote bags and backpacks have some great styles and are utilised daily. Inductive chargers with full-colour designs are extremely popular these days with everyone plugged into technology, your customers will be impressed when they receive a premium gift such as these. Promoting your business with a promotional polo or T-shirt can be highly rewarding when creating a highly visual and colourful design incorporating your logo which can be worn regularly.

Coastal Direct Promotional Products have a great range of homeware gifts that are highly useful for keeping your brand awareness active every time they are utilised. Consider these as an alternative gift in your next campaign. A personalised tea towel in full colour incorporating your logo is a perfect example.

At Coastal Direct Promotional Products, we have a huge variety of premium promotional products in Brisbane that will make the perfect promotional gift for any occasion. Whether you are looking for corporate gift solutions, clothing, confectionery, office stationery, tech gadgets, high-quality water bottles or anything else in-between, we will meet all your promotional product needs. For more information on our promotional products, and to get started, visit our website today.

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Melbourne Promotional Products and Merchandise

Expansion is the main concern of businesses that want to succeed. In order to grow and increase their return on investment, businesses need to promote their brand to the masses. With the heavy amount of competition, this can seem like an impossible task to some businesses. There are many different types of marketing and advertising, but the most tried and true formula that has proven results time and time again is using promotional merchandise. Not only does it constantly advertise your brand but your customers have a quality item that they can also use or give to someone else as a gift; which results in more advertising for no extra cost. Below are the top 4 benefits your businesses can gain from using promotional merchandise in Melbourne.

  1. Get Your Brand Out There

With promotional merchandising you can market your business’s brand for much less effort and cost, and with quality products that your customers will actually use and not just throw away. Companies, such as Coastal Direct Promotional Products, can supply high-quality promotional products in Melbourne including t-shirts, office stationery, water bottles, cups, electronics, umbrellas and much more. Not only do your customers receive a quality product that is highly functional, but your brand gets advertised wherever they go with your product.

  1. Loyal Customers

As mentioned before there is a lot of competition when trying to boost your brand awareness. Promotional products have an edge over other forms of advertising as the customer is receiving a free high-quality gift. This creates a personal connection between your business and your customers, which results in customers being more loyal to your brand. You can use promotional merchandising as a marketing tool such as rewards for competitions or gifts for certain holidays.

  1. More Leads

Promotional products will advertise your business’s logo to not only your customers but who they are around as well. If you give a customer a promotional pen, they most likely will take it to work with them and their work colleagues and friends will see this pen, as well as your brand. They can also gift the pen to a friend resulting in their friends seeing your logo and the cycle continues. This on a large scale with all your customers will generate more awareness of your brand and create more leads and visits back to your main website.

  1. Customisable

Promotional merchandising doesn’t just mean the same boring old pen or t-shirt that every other business is promoting. With Coastal Direct Promotional Products, you can fully customise your merchandise to suit your needs and stand out. Choose from a range of options such as engraving services, single or full-colour options, embroidering, digital transfers and much more. Personalise your products to a specific event or whatever you choose.

When you need promotional merchandise in Melbourne to promote your brand with high-quality goods and products, go with the experts at Coastal Direct Promotional Products. For more information, and to browse their entire range of premium promotional merchandise and products, visit their website today.

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Promotional Merchandise

Promotional Merchandise promoting your brand effectively

Starting a promotional campaign is not as simple as purchasing any affordable gift branded with your logo. Simply handing them out to as many people as possible with no real strategy will have little to no effect or produce any lasting or impressionable results. Promoting your brand takes careful planning, effective branding and a systematic approach to when and how they are distributed in your targeted campaigns. Promotional merchandise, custom branded apparel or personalised Corporate Gifts even promotional  business pens can be highly rewarding with the correct strategy in place. Invest in the preparation and you can expect the rewards!

Where to Start

First and foremost is what you ultimately wish to achieve as a marketing goal and the type of campaign that is to be undertaken or initiated, is it raising brand awareness amongst the general public, enforcing brand recognition with your current clientele and loyal customers or a formal function, conference, training seminar or a trade show event with a targeted audience anticipated. By systematically working through your strategic plan will help and ultimately guide you with a better understanding of which branded promotional products are likely to replicate your desired business branding profile and brand recognition impact.

You’ve decided on your campaign and identified your targeted market audience. Now is the time to consider and evaluate your investment! Allocating a budget takes allot of factors into consideration depending on the campaign underway, not only the initial coast of your chosen custom branded promotional merchandise. There may be venue costs, logistics, event apparel and accessories and so forth… Finally, this includes if it will be an ongoing campaign or a one of event. Look at the larger picture, what level of impact you expect to achieve and factor everything in. Think smart and use a cost-effective approach. A successful, well planned and rewarding campaign also means on Budget!

Choosing the right promotional products

So, you’ve allocated your funding, what products do I source for best results? Prioritise your ideas and apply to essentials first. Does your event or function require branded promotional stationery or possibly a personalised USB flash drive? The essentials could be promotional notebooks, personalised journals, branded promotional pens, USB sticks, tote bags or a corporate compendium. Taking into consideration the current season and utilising the current conditions may also be to your advantage especially if outdoors. Not all campaigns require essentials and therefor move into the promotional gifting arena.

Let’s take a closer look at personalised promotional gift items. With literally 1000’s of promotional products and merchandise how do I narrow it down? Where do I begin? Think of the audience, is it a male or female only event, a family event incorporating children, outdoors or a charity event targeting a specific cause. Some of my personal recommendations are:

Raising your Brand Awareness

One of the best brand awareness gifts has always been personalised promotional stationery items. These products are used daily by us all. Promotional Business Pens, Promotional Highlighter Pens, Custom branded magnets or a branded magnetic crock clip to keep important information handy on the fridge. If you’re after more permanency personalised promotional mugs are one of the best when utilised in meeting rooms around the office and training facilities.

Family events

Gifting a promotional novelty gift to children provides a two-fold reward, not only does it entertain the children and keep them occupied it allows the parents to relax, enjoy and focus on the campaign. Consider items such as promotional balloons, personalised confectionery or a custom branded Yo-Yo.


You can’t help but put these to the top of your list; here’s why! It’s not uncommon during seminars and conferences for attendee’s to be busy on an iPhone or iPad, taking important notes, videos, pictures even tweeting important information from key note speakers. Custom Branded promotional power banks with a personalised stylus pen are perfect! Keeps them charged and allows them to retain the best of your event or promote it even further through social media.

Training events

We’ve got to admit although essential to learning we all tend to nod off from time to time, it’ just seems to happen. Introducing some promotional stress toys or even a promotional fidget spinner keeps the mind active even while fully absorbed in the class.

Outdoor events

Promotional sunglasses, personalised hats, caps or a visor can be ideal. If it’s a family event some promotional flyers, a bottle of bubbles or even a high bounce ball will keep them entertained. With such a variety of outdoor functions there are endless options and possibilities.

Charity or Fund Raisers

Gifting during these events needs to remain a little more focused, promotional wristbands, personalised campaign ribbons or custom-made lapel pins are a great match. If the event campaign incorporates younger children plush collectables brings out some compassion, as we were all children once.

Several of these promotional products could be useful and incorporated into your next campaign, as there are so many variances it would be difficult to cover them all. Coastal Direct Promotional Products are here to help! Need some advice? Gifting ideas or your campaign essentials? We can provide you with everything you need! Quality promotional items, personalised apparel, professionally branded and delivered Australia Wide.

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