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Backpacks Are Great Promotional Products. Here’s Why

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Personalised Promotional Backpacks in Australia

We all know how vital promotional products are for businesses. Not only are they a great way to get your brand out there for more people to see, but it’s also integral towards building your business and attracting new clients. While the popular products include promotional pens and calendars, did you know that promotional backpacks & backsacks are one of the most popular options in Australia? If your looking for backpacks near me and after backpack quotes check out Coastal Direct Promotional Today.

Backpacks and backsacks are a great promotional product to giveaway to both staff and prospective clients for a variety of reasons. They are particularly cost-effective and yet appear quite high-quality, are a more significant giveaway than simple pens and offer high visibility externally.

People Always Need Bags (unlike Calendars)

If you’re planning on investing in some promotional products, custom branded backpacks & Backsacks should be, if not your first consideration, then definitely your second. Remember; people don’t have as many bags and storage options as you might expect. Not just as a simple work bag, but there are gym bags, travel bags and many other considerations. People don’t want to use the same bag for these activities, so if you can offer them a free backpack or backsack they are very likely to use it.

Promotional backpacks Are Quite Substantial Giveaways

Additionally, it’s important to consider just how big bags can be. If everyone else is giving away pens or promotional gift items, remember that these can come across as quite cheap because of their limited size and quality. Bags, on the other hand, are large, sturdy products that people will be so happy to take. Best of all, bags aren’t that expensive to have personalised either. Not only are there prices very affordable, but the sheer breadth of customisation is enough to convince almost any brand that bags are worth giving away as promotional merchandise.

Their Size Offers Great External Promotion

If you give away personalised backpacks covered (tastefully) in your company logos and name, you give your business incredible external promotion capabilities. With a noticeable and recognisable logo on the front of the bag, whenever customers use it in public (whether it’s on public transport, at the gym or just walking down the street), that gives others around them the opportunity to see your brand, increasing awareness and recall. Don’t shy away from the size of the bag either; no one is going to notice a tiny pen or lacklustre calendar, but a great big bag with your logo on it? Sounds fantastic!

Browse Our Full Range of Promotional Backpacks and Backsacks Today!

Ultimately, if you choose the right product, you can make a significant difference to your business moving forward. It doesn’t need to be promotional backpacks; Branded Backsacks, USB drives, lanyards and hats are all very popular in Australia as well. The point is that if you select the right product for your potential customers, you get more of them engaging with your giveaways and get more promotion for your business moving forward. Click through to view the full range today, or get in touch with us at Coastal Direct Promotional Products.

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