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Why Promotional Stress Balls In Australia Are The Ideal Promotional Merchandise

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Stress is unfortunately a common factor when it comes to the Australian workplace. According to Safe Work Australia, last year over 7, 200 Australians were compensated for work and stress-related issues in the workplace for 2018. Stress relievers such as stress balls play an important role in managing the effects of stress while providing additional health benefits as well. This is why when looking for promotional stress balls in Australia, stress relievers are the ideal marketing product that your customers will constantly use throughout their day.

Firstly, what are the additional health benefits of stress relievers and stress balls? Well, using a stress ball or stress toys helps to boost blood circulation. This is beneficial as it helps with the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a common issue throughout the Australian workplace. They are also used as a form of physical therapy to strengthen the muscles in the hand after incidents such as a sprain or fracture, excessive overuse or arthritis.

Of course, the main benefit is that they relieve stress, hence the name ‘anti-stress ball’. At Coastal Direct Promotional Products, we have a range of premium and high-quality stress relievers, stress toys and stress balls that are fun, unique and highly durable. As the ideal form of promotional stress balls in Australia, our Emoji stress ball relievers are not only fun and relevant but are also made from PU (Polyurethane) meaning that they are very durable to wear and tear and high amounts of heat from excessive use. We feature a range of unique stress balls in fun designs and shapes such as sports cars, aeroplanes, globes, keys, Lego blocks, golf clubs, animals, footballs, house stress balls and much more. 

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Apart from stress balls, we also have stress relievers including fiddle cubes (fidget cubes) and fidget spinners as well. Their compact and convenient size means that your customers can use their fiddle cubes no matter where they are. Each side features a unique stress-reducing function that allows them to either flick, scroll, press, click or swipe, while a blank side features your company brand or logo.

Following a worldwide craze, fidget spinners have become incredibly popular. Take advantage of their popularity by using our range of promotional fidget spinners as unique form of promotional stress balls in Australia. Featuring your company logo or brand as a centre piece in the middle, your customers will enjoy spinning, twirling and tossing this therapeutic handheld device. Available in a variety of colours, our range of promotional fidget spinners also come with a complimentary clear gift case that can be customised with your company brand or logo.

For fun, unique and stress-reducing promotional stress balls in Australia, get in contact with the friendly and professional team at Coastal Direct Promotional Products. Browse through our website to find out more about our stress relievers, stress toys and stress balls, and all other information regarding our range of premium promotional products today.

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