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Why Bother With Branded Merchandise?

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Promotional Merchandise

Have you been considering branded merchandise for your business? Maybe you have undergone a recent rebranding project and need to update your products, perhaps you want to refresh your existing items with a new range or add some different products into the mix. Whatever your needs, contact the friendly team at Coastal Direct Promotional Products for expert advice on the best solutions for your needs. We specialise in promotional products in Australia and have an innovative range of top quality items ready for your branding requirements.

Whether you are a marketer or the owner of a business, you’ll know how great quality and creative products are a creative way to promote your business to customers and prospective clients. It’s a fun way to engage with your audience whilst adding some value to their day. Each time they use your item it refreshes their memory about who you are and your product. It’s a great way to get in front of your customers. It can build brand awareness and is the perfect way to promote the goods and services that your company provides.

Bang for your buck

Promotional products are a great way to get in front of new customers as well as potential ones. It can be an economical marketing tool that can be extended in person or via mail. It builds recognition of your brand by displaying your logo and strapline (if you have one) which is one way to increase repeat sales and encourage lead generation. It can make your business stand out and make it more memorable in a saturated market.

Perhaps you want to promote a particular product or event, a useful or clever item of branded merchandise is a highly effective way to achieve this. It can convey your marketing message for long past the event or interaction with the recipient, ensuring you stay embedded within their awareness and placing you front and centre when their need for your goods or service arises again. By getting your buyers attention you have an opportunity to drive your sales. What’s not to love in this equation? Which is why so many organisations choose to incorporate promotional items into their marketing strategies. There’s the potential to get a really good bang for your buck and what business would turn down an opportunity like that.

Build in eco-awareness

There’s no doubt that promotional products in Australia are an effective form of advertising. If your company has decided to rebrand, it can be an effective way to get your new logo out there and reinforce awareness. Distribution may be at trade shows or conferences, these can be great places to engage with new potential clients and spread your name far and wide. Similarly, sales presentations and meetings are the perfect forum in which to gift a promotional item and leave a lasting reminder of your pitch and purpose.

The most effective promotional products are carefully chosen for their audience. Choosing a good quality item that is useful can really impress customers and it’s a fun way to grab their attention. Many people are more sensitive to creating waste, so eco-friendliness is a concern that you may want to address when considering your merchandise options. At Coastal Direct Promotional Products we have an entire section of products which address these needs, with items constructed from renewable sources or are reusable in themselves.

Say thank you

Promotional products can become travelling advertisements for your business. As clients use that tote bag or wear your hat they effectively take your brand out with them. The longer your item lasts and is used, then the number of views your product receives can become significant. Consider the ‘usefulness’ of a promotional product when making your selection. Take into account your audience and what items they would value most. The more they are likely to use the item, the more likely they are to keep it and thus your message will be seen by them and others for a longer period of time.

Branded merchandise creates the opportunity to say thank you to your customers and has the power to make them feel appreciated. It is a way to create and build business relationships and engage with your clients. It is a tangible and non-digital way of getting your brand out there, which can feel novel in a world saturated with online content and messages. It can complement an effective marketing mix of ways and means to reach your customers and extend your brand.

Widen your marketing mix

Marketing is multi-faceted and branded merchandise is one way to get in front of your customers and ensure that your message is heard. At Coastal Direct Promotional Products we live and breathe promotional products in Australia so contact us today for a top quality range of items to help build your brand.

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