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Why Are Promotional Stress Balls In Australia So Effective?

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A Cost Effective Approach to Help Manage Stress in Your Staff and Customers

As our lives have become more complicated, more involved and more demanding, the Australian workplace has become more stressful than ever before. So, what important role do promotional stress balls in Australia play and how can they benefit your business?

In 2019, a leading national mental health organisation called Superfriend conducted a large-scale survey on stress in the workplace. They surveyed 10,000 Australians that suffered from stress and found that 43% of them claimed their workplace had caused it.

Whether it is on a construction site, travelling on the road or in an office cubicle, stress possesses a serious threat to the average working Australian. However, something as small and simple as a stress ball can help to combat the negative effects of stress such as:

  • Squeezing a stress ball throughout the day can improve heart health by helping the body and mind to relax.
  • Using a stress ball can improve memory function by stimulating the left side of the brain.
  • By giving the brain time to focus and rest, stress balls can also contribute to improved moods.
  • As stress balls help to reduce stress, overall quality of sleep is improved as well.

Now that we have an idea on how effective stress balls can actually be, how effective can they be for promoting your business?

Many eye-catching styles

At Coastal Direct Promotional Products, we offer an extensive range of quality promotional stress balls in Australia that come in a huge range of eye-catching styles. When gifting stress balls to employees or clients, you can personalise them to their interests such as emoji stress balls, cricket balls, footballs, basketballs, globes, soccer balls, golf balls, baseballs, tennis balls and much more.

Made from quality materials such as soft polyurethane, you can choose from a wide range of colours including dark green, black, dark blue, red, yellow, white, purple, bright green and many more.

Perfect for personalising

Providing a good size of printing area, our personalised stress balls are ideal for advertising your business slogan and logo in an easy to read font size. We offer many different printing options such as 4CP (Four Colour Process) transfer and direct digital print, pad printing, digital printing and more.

Highly functional

As mentioned before, stress is an issue that threatens every Australian workplace regardless of its industry. This means that gifting a promotional stress ball is a functional gift that your staff and clients will continue to use throughout their day, advertising your brand to everyone they encounter.

Very cost-effective

Personalised anti-stress balls are one of the most affordable types of promotional items, making them very cost-effective when buying in bulk. This is why many SMBs (Small to Medium-sized Businesses) use promotional stress balls at various trade shows, corporate events and exhibitions to advertise their brand.

For an affordable, effective and stylish way to promote your business, turn to Coastal Direct Promotional Products for a leading range of promotional and corporate merchandise. Explore our website to view our entire range of promotional stress balls in Australia or contact us today by calling (07) 5524 6960 to find out how we can assist your needs.

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