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Understanding the Role Colour Psychology Plays in Marketing

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Colour psychology has a crucial role to play in marketing because it makes customers notice a brand, which could be in a positive, negative, or neutral light. While companies have been incorporating colours into marketing for a long time, the complexity of it all is usually overlooked.

If you want to give your company an edge over your competitors with effective branding and marketing techniques, pay close attention to colour psychology. When you understand how colours affect moods and emotions, you can leverage the acquired knowledge to communicate the relevant messages using the colour spectrum.

Understanding Colour Psychology 

Colour psychology is the branch of psychology that studies the different ways colours affect human decision-making and behaviour. Different hues, shades, and tones evoke different associations. Depending on personal and cultural preferences, the psychology of colour can vastly vary.

In marketing, the colours you choose must align with your company’s target market and objectives, because it will affect how your consumers perceive your brand and products.

You could either stand out or fit in the crowd, depending upon your chosen colour. However, a poor colour decision could negatively affect your brand’s reputation. For instance, your audience might have difficulty seeing your logo on branded promotional products or finding your content on your website if you use the wrong colours.

By using the right colours for your business branding and marketing, you will be able to do the following:

  • Affect how people view your brand
  • Receive quick brand recognition
  • Maintain a consistent look
  • Influence mood and emotions positively

How do Different Colours Influence Human Emotions and Actions?

It doesn’t come as a surprise that many marketing and branding experts leverage colour psychology to influence how consumers think, interpret and behave upon receiving certain information. Colour psychology plays an integral part in making a brand successful. For instance, you may offer an excellent service or product, but what use would it be if it isn’t communicated in the way you represent your brand? By choosing relevant colours, the aim is to compel customers to choose your brand over your competitors.

From picking out corporate promotional productsto designing your brand logo, the importance of different colours needs to be taken into account to arouse the right emotions and behaviour.

If you’re curious to know how different colours communicate different meanings, we’ve curated a list for you below:

Red – 

Known as the colour of love and passion, red also signified action, energy, excitement, courage and even danger. As one of the most intense hues, it can evoke powerful emotions when used in packaging or logo design. It’s no wonder marketers prefer using red for their call-to-action button on websites, to make it stand out from the rest of the content.

Interestingly, red can also increase appetite, mainly when used with lighter shades. Because of this reason, many food brands can be seen using this colour combination.

Blue – 

If red is about passion and aggression, blue stands for tranquility, stability, and trust. Because of this reason, many marketers use blue to communicate feelings of security and assurance. Certain sectors, such as banking and IT, use blue to inspire reliance and confidence. If you pay attention to the colour palette of big banks, you’ll find blue in most of them.

Yellow – 

Yellow often signifies youthfulness, positivity and happiness. The colour is all about summer and sunshine but can be interpreted as a warning in rare contexts.

Branding experts often use yellow to portray positivity and cheerfulness. For this reason, many marketers like adding a touch of yellow to their social media handles or landing pages to evoke happy emotions.

Green – 

As one of the primary colours, green is all about nature, finance, growth, generosity, fertility and health. Because of this reason, brands in the health and fitness industry often use the colour green to symbolise good health.

Lately, green has been associated with organic or eco-friendly products as well. Thus, using green in logos, promotional products and packaging could indicate that your company specialises in organic products or promotes sustainability.

A Practical Approach to Choosing Colours for Marketing and Branding 

Different colours can evoke different emotions, work to incorporate the most appropriate into marketing to get the results you desire. If you’re planning on brainstorming the colour palette for your brand or products, here are a couple of tips that can help:

  • Choose your brand’s personality
  • Pick a key brand colour
  • Make sure the chosen colour makes your brand stand out
  • Stay consistent with the colour
  • Develop a colour scheme for your brand

Closing Thoughts 

Understanding colour psychology is essential because it plays a vital role in branding and marketing. From developing brand awareness to improving conversion rates, implementing the right colours can be a valuable tool in making a positive impression on your target audience. Speak with our knowledgeable team at Coastal Direct Promotional Products for ideas on branded promotional products that suits your needs. We are the experts in corporate promotional products and can work with your budget and strategy to assist you in reaching your business goals.


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