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Top Tips for Purchasing Promotional Clothing

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If you’ve got a specific event coming up, like an important conference or company photo shoot, you might be thinking about investing in promotional clothing as a way of further advertising your business. It’s a smart move — t-shirts, jackets, and caps can be a great way of getting your logo out there without being too aggressive in your marketing tactics.

However, as is the case with all corporate promotional products, the strategy will only be effective if you choose clothing that is smart, stylish, and top-quality. Here at Coastal Direct Promotional Products, we understand that quality is a top priority for all our clients. You’ll struggle to find another promotional product company that puts the same time, care, and attention into the quality of product and printing.

Our experience has taught us a thing or two about what makes great promotional clothing — and we’re more than happy to share this with our valued customers.

Research your target audience

Some companies purchase promotional clothing for their own employees. This can be particularly effective if your team members are speaking to clients and are after a smart, polished, cohesive look. Other companies prefer to invest in clothing as a gift for their clients. A t-shirt can be a handy addition to a conference show bag, and a heavy-duty jacket is a useful and stylish present for a valued stakeholder.

Whoever will be wearing your promotional clothing, make sure you’ve conducted appropriate research before making a purchase. This includes what kind of weather conditions they will be wearing the clothing in (don’t expect your employees to put up with a puffer jacket in the middle of the Australian summer!), their age range, and their gender.

What distinguishes good corporate promotional products from run-of-the-mill varieties is how useful they are. A quality jacket is useful; an ill-fitting t-shirt is not.

Consider colour

Most companies sell promotional clothing in a few standard colours: black, white, navy blue and grey. However, if you’re looking for something a little more attention grabbing, Coastal Direct Promotional Products does offer t-shirts and jackets in vibrant reds, greens, oranges, and all other colours of the rainbow.

When choosing your clothing colour, consider how your logo and business name will appear. If you have a very simple, monochromatic logo, a brightly coloured garment could be what you need to make your promotional product stand out from the crowd. If, on the other hand, your logo is pretty vibrant in itself, it is more likely to pair well with a basic coloured t-shirt.

Of course, if colour isn’t your area of expertise, our friendly customer service team can help with any questions you might have.

Durability is key

Too often, corporate promotional products are consigned to the back of the cupboard, where they sit for a few years before either being tossed away or donated to charity. This is usually for one of two reasons; the product is not particularly useful, or it is of low quality.

In the case of the former, you generally don’t have to worry about promotional clothing not being useful to your customers. Everyone loves a free t-shirt or jacket. However, where many companies fall short is gifting clothing that is very poor quality.

A t-shirt that falls apart in the wash or a polo shirt with a faded logo isn’t a great gift. When choosing a brand of promotional clothing, your top priority should be durability. Here at Coastal Direct Promotional Products, all products, from our socks to our ponchos, are made from the highest quality material.

And it’s not just the material that we put time, effort, and research into. We offer a wide range of branding options, from screen printing to digital transfer, to guarantee a polished final product.

Don’t forget about accessories

There are standard types of promotional clothing — t-shirts, jackets, and button up shirts. Then there are slightly more obscure items that are still great options for advertising your business while also providing a bit of a talking point amongst potential customers.

Have you ever thought about having your company name emblazoned on a pair of flip flops? Or would your customers love a pair of personalised socks? Aprons are another slightly unusual but very popular item of promotional clothing that will certainly attract attention.

If you’re not particularly excited at the thought of another printed shirt, contact our customer service team today to talk about our more niche range of personalised accessories.

Branded clothing has always been a great way of attracting customer attention. Whether you’re looking for a cotton t-shirt or even custom shoelaces, Coastal Direct Promotional Products has you covered.

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