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Sustainability and Branded Promotional Products

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We all know how important sustainability is. It’s up to all of us to make smart choices about the products we use to help reduce our environmental footprint.

However, living a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t have to involve radical changes. There are plenty of small decisions you can make everyday to protect the earth and all the species that call it home. Here at Coastal Direct Promotional Products, sustainability is a big part of what we do. We know that eco-friendly items are valued by our customers and offer a range of sustainable branded promotional products to suit all tastes and budgets.

Sustainability — fast facts

The first step to fixing a problem is fully understanding what it is. Here are a few fast facts about sustainability and the environmental habits of Australians:

  • On average, Australians use 130kg of plastic per person each year.
  • Australians produce 540kg of household waste per person each year.
  • Both glass and aluminium are 100 percent
  • 93 percent of the world’s largest 250 companies now report on their sustainability efforts.

Sustainability and promotional products — what to consider

Promotional products can form a valuable part of your company’s marketing campaign. Unfortunately, businesses often opt for products that are not particularly eco-friendly. The good news is by following a few simple principles: you can ensure your company is getting the branding and recognition it deserves without putting undue strain on the environment.


Your choice in promotional products needs to be well thought out. The last thing you want is to invest considerable money and resources in mass-producing items that are simply going to end up sitting in a dusty corner or thrown straight into the bin.

By opting for a practical gift, you are increasing the likelihood that the recipient will have real use for it. Practical doesn’t have to mean boring — a branded coffee cup is both useful and can be designed to reflect your company branding.

Just remember, practical equals sustainable. For inspiration, check out Coastal Direct Promotional Product’s broad range of practical corporate gifts and promotional products — from cutlery sets to tote bags.


It’s no secret that some materials are more eco-friendly than others. Take the above fast facts. We know that both glass and aluminium can be completely recycled. Plastic, on the other hand, is usually a non-recyclable material.

While you certainly hope that your promotional product will be used for many years to come, you should also think about what will happen to it when it reaches the end of its life span. Can the materials be used to create something brand new? Or will it simply contribute to landfill?

Coastal Direct Promotional Products offers an extensive variety of eco-friendly products that are made from sustainable materials, making your choice an easy one.


Some promotional products are designed to be used once and once only. Disposable coffee cups branded with your company name, for example, might look great, but it’s guaranteed they’ll end up in the bin a short time later.

Reusability is a big factor when it comes to sustainability. Wherever possible, consider products that can be enjoyed time and time again. Not only will you be doing the right thing by the environment but you will be increasing your brand exposure each time the recipient pulls your calico bag or vacuum flask out of their car.

Sustainability — benefiting everyone

There are obvious benefits for choosing branded sustainable promotional products. The first one is that you’re certainly doing the right thing by the environment. You can rest easy knowing the simple decision you’ve made to prioritise eco-friendly materials is helping to protect the earth and its resources.

However, there are also other benefits to promoting sustainability in your marketing efforts. By adding eco-friendly merchandise, you will be signalling to your customers and clients that sustainability is important to you. They’ll appreciate that you are interested in more than just making a profit and may recommend your company to family and friends.

There are many hidden benefits to investing in sustainable promotional products in Sydney. Here at Coastal Direct Promotional Products, we consider ourselves experts in the field of sustainable branded promotional products. We work hard to offer our customers a wide variety of eco-friendly products and can provide tailored advice on your marketing strategy and sustainable merchandising efforts.

For more information about our services and approach to sustainability, contact the friendly and experienced team at Coastal Direct Promotional Products today.

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