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Stress Balls Are A Fantastic Promotional Product.. Here’s Why

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Relieve Stress Or Frustrations With Branded Stress Balls

One of the most popular promotional products here at Coastal Direct Promotional Products are stress balls. They have a ton of health benefits, are great for brand recall and are a very low cost per unit. Read on to find out why branded stress balls in Australia are a great choice for your business.

Health Benifits

Stress balls started as a gimmicky fad that was dismissed as more of a novelty than anything else. They are now recognised as a great tool for several health conditions. Many benefits can be gained from regular use such as to mitigate the effects of stress and improve muscle tone.

They actually do relieve stress and tension in many people, not just people that suffer from anxiety. Many people can feel worry or stress throughout the day and finding a few squeezes of a stress ball can make people feel a decrease in tension. If the anxiety is in a particularly acute period such as an anxiety attack, a stress ball can actually be integrated as part of a plan to relieve the symptoms of such an episode. Your local GP or other health professional should be consulted when devising a treatment plan. A stress ball in Australia is not meant to take place care from a qualified medical professional.

They can also help relieve many other medical conditions.

Such as:

  • Help relieve arthritis symptoms
  • temporarily lower blood pressure
  • great for concentration and creativity
  • temporarily strengthen muscles
  • temporarily improve circulation

You can also incorporate these health benefits into a great promotion for your business. Perhaps you can have a mental wellness promotion internally in your company and have a day where your company focuses on productive mental strategies for your employees. You can hand out your stress balls as part of a strategy on coping with stress or increasing circulation. You can also contribute branded stress balls to an external event such as a day devoted to mental health in the workplace. Your company will be seen promoting health and wellness for the public at large. It could be a great opportunity for your business.

Brand Recall

With their amazing health benefits stress balls in Australia, will all but ensure positive brand recall for your company. When they use a branded stress ball to help relieve their stress they will think about your company and how your branded product has helped them through stressful periods. Is there a better type of brand recall than that? Stress balls are at best a helpful tool at worst a fun toy to play with. There really isn’t a downside to having branded stress balls.

Price Point

One of the best aspects of deciding to order promotional stress balls is the low price point of actually ordering them.  They are a very low cost per unit, sometimes as low as a couple of dollars per stress ball and the process to transfer your logo onto the products takes very little time to perform. You can have a large quantity ordered to your company in a very quick time. This means you can extend your budget to other promotional products such as water bottles to further promote health and wellness.

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