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Promotional Umbrellas Provide Maximum Exposure all Year

When using promotional products to advertise your brand, the biggest mistake you can make is to promote with products that your customers and clients don’t find useful or aren’t relevant to them. That is why umbrellas are the most effective (and safest) way to advertise your brand or logo without worrying if your customers will actually use the product or throw it away.

Here is why you should be using promotional umbrellas in Australia from Coastal Direct Promotional Products to advertise your business in 2020:

Everyone needs one

This first reason is, well, pretty obvious. Promotional umbrellas are almost a necessity, especially if living in the unpredictable weather of Melbourne. No one likes having to buy a cheap flimsy umbrella from the closest servo when it suddenly starts pouring down.

Unique styles that stand out

Even though everyone needs one; it doesn’t mean promotional umbrellas have to be boring. We have a huge range of stylish promotional umbrellas such as the Shelta Big Blue Sky Long Umbrella. Manufactured from both nylon and 190T polyester, it is 103cm in length and features a unique ‘blue sky’ background printed on the inside of the umbrella.

If you want to really make an impression, then our LED Light Sabre Promotional Umbrellas in Australia are ideal. The shaft features bright LEDs that will light up with a variety of different colours. It can also double up as a safety feature when walking around at night to ensure the user is seen, with an additional flashlight which is located inside the base of the handle.

They are a walking billboard

As promotional umbrellas expand outwards, they are essentially a walking billboard for your brand. You can choose to advertise on a single panel if wanting a noticeable yet still conservative design, or you can choose to use the entire surface.

Our promotional umbrellas in Australia provides the perfect blank canvas for your brand or logo, such as our Trident Sports Umbrellas, Swiss Peak Umbrellas, Typhoon Umbrellas and Shelta Executive Umbrellas. You also have printing options such as screen printing and full-colour digital transfer.

Massive exposure potential

As mentioned before, everyone needs an umbrella. This also means there are massive exposure opportunities to advertise your brand or company logo. Your customers and clients can bring them along to various festivals, corporate events or any events that have a large attendance of people.

Whether it’s raining or bright and sunny, our promotional umbrellas in Australia like the Umbra Boss are perfect. This premium umbrella features a high-quality and stylish 190T pongee fabric in an embossed pattern. It has an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 30+, which is ideal when it’s sunny as SPF 30+ can block about 97% of UVB (Ultraviolet B) radiation.

To ensure your customers, and your brand, stand out from the crowd during an event or during their daily commute, turn to Coastal Direct Promotional Products for our unique range of promotional umbrellas in Australia.

To learn more about our free local shipping, our affordable pricing and to view our entire range of promotional products, visit our website or call (07) 5524 6960 today.

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