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Personalized Notebooks Make Great Promotional Products – Here’s Why

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With the competition being extremely fierce, businesses are always on the lookout for out-of-the-box ideas to spread brand awareness among the masses. Industry research has shown that people remember brands better when they receive a promotional product.

While there are tons of options in promotional products, nothing could replace the old-school charm of a personalized notebook in Australia.

With the world going digital, you might be thinking about whether a notebook will be able to create the level of impact on customers you desire. While our laptops, tablets, and smartphones do come in handy for taking notes, many people still prefer taking notes on paper.

Whether you want to buy promotional products for an upcoming conference or workshop, you can use customized notebooks as your secret marketing weapon.

Want to know how to do that? Keep reading!

Notebooks Have a Tremendous Branding Potential

If you are thinking about promoting your business, you need to consider ways to include your logo and tagline. With most products, you do not have the luxury of subtlety in advertising placement. Luckily, branded notebooks offer you plenty of ways to convey your business idea without disrupting the style and look of the product.

Here are a few tips for using a notebook’s branding potential – 

  • Belly Bands – You can implement a temporary belly band around the cover of the notebooks to highlight a date, event, or even your brand name. It is one of the most budget-friendly ways of promoting your business, which will go a long way even after the event is over.
  • Covers – Your covers, front, and back, are canvases for your artwork and logo. You can even add your strapline, contact details, and website to the inside covers of the notebook.
  • Page Inserts – Another incredible way to draw attention to your brand would be through full-colour page inserts. You could include information regarding the product, event, or company in these inserts that are around the conference or event you are hosting.

Notebooks are Useful Products

Notebooks are rated high in usefulness, which makes them an incredible promotional product. Not only do people enjoy the experience of writing, but notebooks also help keep people organized. They are also more likely to be re-used on multiple occasions, which gives notebooks a high shelf life.

Many people like journaling, where they record their feelings and thoughts throughout the day. While some may use their devices for this purpose, notebooks haven’t lost their appeal when it comes to journaling.

Additionally, writing can also benefit the brand by improving motor skills, creativity, memory, and calmness in people, thus associating these with the brand.

Notebooks Stay Around for a Longer Time

Notebooks are known to have a very long product life. If you invest in high-quality notebooks, you can expect them to last as long as you want. In a landscape where businesses are competing with each other for customers’ attention, promoting using notebooks will give your brand the edge it needs to stand out in the crowd.

It is no joke that notebooks can make incredible things happen for you when they are in your target audience’s hands. At Coastal Direct Promotional Products, you can explore a vast range of high-quality personalized notebooks that come in many designs. If you wish to learn more about our products, feel free to call us at (07) 5524 6960.

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