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Personalised Tote Bags In Australia – What Can They Actually Do For Your Business?

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Using personalised tote bags in Australia to advertise your brand or logo is nothing new. In fact, it has been a tried and tested form of advertising since the late 1800s!

Back in 1886, Jasper Meek, who ran a shoe store in Ohio called Cantwell’s Shoes, was the first person to use a customised tote bag to advertise his store. He wanted to find a way to keep attracting customers to his shoe store during the slow seasons. By printing his own customised tote bags, Jasper unknowingly ignited the whole promotional products industry.

As the industry has changed since then, what are some of the main ways you can use a personalised tote bag to promote your business in 2020?

  • Charity

Donating to a charity is a great way to promote your brand while also helping those in need. You could organise a fundraising drive by raffling off a few personalised tote bags that are filled with gift items or donate clothing and food items inside of your tote bags.

  • Guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing is most commonly used at trade shows and other events to capture the attention of the crowd. You can fill a bunch of personalised tote bags with either coupons, flyers and other promotional products with your businesses name and logo printed on them.

  • Corporate gifts

Everyone loves a free gift. Many companies will use personalised tote bags in Australia as corporate gifts for their staff during work retreats and for their clients during holidays such as Christmas. Organisations such as Foxtel also send promotional tote bags to staff at other companies they work with that are filled with Foxtel-related goodies to advertise their brand.

If you’re still not convinced, then check out the main benefits to using personalised tote bags to advertise your brand:

They are gender-neutral

Many promotional products will appeal to certain genders or a particular demographic – except items such as tote bags. Regardless of social and economic barriers, a tote bag is a highly functional product that is widely used by women and men of all backgrounds and ages.

They are highly useful

Whether they are customers, potential customers or staff members, everyone requires a bag for carrying their items around when going to places such as the gym, the local swimming pool, doing the food shopping or going to the beach. Using a promotional tote bag will not only advertise your brand where ever they go but it will also ensure that your customers will be getting the most use out of it.

They have the ideal advertising space

Personalised tote bags are basically walking billboards. Rather than spending your marketing budget on a radio ad with no guarantee of how many people will hear it, a tote bag can be used in any everyday situation. It also has the ideal advertising space on the front and back to ensure that your company logo and brand are clearly seen by every passer-by.

To discover a huge range of personalised tote bags in Australia as well as a vast range of high-quality promotional products, explore our website today. To find out more information about our free shipping and how we can assist your needs, call Coastal Direct Promotional Products on (07) 5524 6960!

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