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It might be summer in Australia, but an umbrella is still a must-have item — particularly if you live in Melbourne, the city famous for having ‘four seasons in one day’. An umbrella is often the kind of item you don’t realise you need until it’s already too late, which is one of the many reasons it also makes a great promotional product. Keep your clients from getting caught in the rain and they’ll be forever grateful!

But not all umbrellas are created equal — some seem to invite rain to fall on your head rather than keeping you well protected! The last thing you want is having your name front and centre on an umbrella that doesn’t even work. With that in mind, read on to learn more about Coastal Direct Promotional Product’s large range of branded umbrellas and why our products are a step above the rest.

Types of umbrellas

Umbrellas are by no means a new invention — they have been around for thousands of years. Drawings of parasol-type devices have been found in Ancient Egyptian art dating back to 2450 BC. In those days, umbrellas were made from feathers and lotus leaves — a far cry from the high quality nylon and pongee products we have become accustomed to.

Broadly speaking, umbrellas can be broken up into two categories: fully collapsible (where both the canopy and central pole retracts) and non-collapsible (only the canopy folds). They can also be distinguished by the type of material used, the number of panels, the style of operation (manual or automatic), and the overall size.

Unless you know that your clients are going to use an umbrella for a very specific purpose (like going to the beach), it’s a good idea to go with a general all-rounder type of product.

Colour considerations

Your next consideration is colour. Here at Coastal Direct Promotional Products, we offer branded umbrellas in a wide variety of colours, from muted grey to bright yellow. We know that our clients might be looking for an umbrella colour that matches their company branding or could instead be searching for a stylish, understated product.

In addition to solid hues, we also sell split-colour umbrellas. These are very eye-catching and will instantly draw attention to your company name and logo.

Branding options

As is the case with all our promotional products, our umbrellas come with a wide range of branding options. We tend to use either screen printing or colourflex transfer to achieve our high-quality umbrella customisation, with the size of your logo depending on your choice of umbrella.

Once you have chosen your product, submit an online order to receive a fully inclusive quote. You can then provide us with the logo file, along with any specific instructions, after which we will create the artwork for your approval. From there, once all payment is received, we will produce your branded umbrellas and have them delivered via express post.

We understand that the quality of print is extremely important. The last thing you want is a client popping their umbrella, only for the logo to look blurry or discoloured. As such, we work with our customers to ensure complete satisfaction at all stages of the ordering process.

Coastal Direct Promotional Products — leading providers of customised products

Keen to explore the world of promotional products but not sure whether branded umbrellas are exactly what you’re looking for? Never fear! Coastal Direct Promotional Products have a wide range of customisable products available to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Why invest in promotional products? Well, they’re a proven way of building long-term effective branding. They’re suitable for everyone, from large corporations to small businesses. Promotional products are also incredibly useful! Don’t give your clients a present that will just sit at the back of the shelf. Instead, invest in a gift that they will appreciate and happily use, further expanding your branding and presence.

As a leading provider of promotional products in Australia, we know what our clients are looking for and strive to fulfil all expectations. All our products, including our branded umbrellas, are of a very high-quality. We use a number of different branding methods and provide crystal clear printing.

We also specialise in event merchandise, from branded lanyards to tote bags. Whether you’re putting on a conference or looking for the perfect corporate holiday gift, contact Coastal Direct Promotional Products today to learn more about our product range and services.

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