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Guide to Picking the Perfect Corporate Gift

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Corporate gifts are an excellent way of fostering positive stakeholder relationships, both internally (with employees) and externally (with clients and customers.) While any gift will be received with open arms, the perfect present can convey what can’t be spoken in words and strengthen professional bonds.

Coastal Direct Promotional Products offers eco-friendly, bespoke, quality gifts that can be personalised to suit the recipient. We’re certain you’ll find the perfect present amongst the widest range of corporate gifts in Australia.

Types of corporate gifts

Not all corporate gifts serve the same purpose. Some are designed to maintain existing corporate relationships whilst others hope to increase sales. Knowing what type of gift to give to what type of recipient will really maximise the value of this marketing strategy.

Client gifts: Nothing says ‘I value our professional relationship’ more than a gift. Corporate client gifts tend to be quite stylish and classy, unless you have a particularly close relationship with a client and happen to know that your client enjoys a certain activity — like hiking! In this case, you might bestow them a high-quality waterproof jacket, for example. Otherwise pens or travel wallets are perfect for corporate clients.

Employee gifts: As a business owner, your people are your most important asset. Corporate gifts are a great way of showing that you appreciate the time and effort that your employees put in. An employee gift can be something as small as a personalised coffee cup — it’s definitely the thought that counts with this sort of present.

Marketing gifts: People love free stuff, and marketing gifts can be an excellent way of winning over new clients and customers. The most important thing when selecting a marketing gift is for it to be high-quality and durable. The last thing you want is a potential customer associating your company with an item that broke after only a few uses. Ideally, you should also aim for a genuinely useful product. Too often, companies invest in items that are tossed aside through lack of use, which is not a good thing from an environmental perspective.

Corporate gift ideas

Stuck for ideas for gifts appropriate for a client, colleague, or potential customer? Don’t worry. Here at Coastal Direct Promotional Products, we boast one of the largest ranges of corporate gifts in Sydney. Our experienced and friendly team can offer tailored advice to ensure your chosen gift makes a positive impact on the recipient.

Here are some of our most popular corporate gift ideas.

Luggage tags: Luggage tags are perfect for those clients who are always on the go. Our range of luggage tags are made from high-quality suede leather and feature an adjustable metal buckle strap to safely secure your tag to your luggage. Even better, they are able to be personalised, making it easy for clients to identify their luggage and make a quick getaway from the airport.

Travel gift set: If you’re looking for a present that is a step up from a luggage tag, why not consider a travel gift set? Our gift sets are comprehensive and designed to cater to every passenger’s needs. The AGRADE Travel Gift Set includes a magnetic closure passport, business card holder, and magnetic closure luggage tag, all manufactured using high-quality suede leatherette. Perfect for the client or employee who is always on the go.

Notebooks and pens: The world might be digital but that doesn’t mean we don’t still have the need for paper and pen. If you’ve noticed your client is always searching for a bit of scrap paper to make a note on, promotional notebooks and pens could be the perfect gift. Our notebooks are manufactured using high-quality paper with a classy leather bound cover, and a matching pen will top the entire gift off nicely.

Cheeseboard: Nothing is quite as classy as a cheeseboard and you can be sure this present will go down a treat — who doesn’t like cheese? For an added touch, why not consider including a personalised wine tumbler or a picnic set.

If you need help picking the perfect corporate gift, why not speak to the leading provider of corporate gifts in Australia— Coastal Direct Promotional Products. Our range is comprehensive and is complemented by the high level of expertise offered by our friendly customer service team. For more information about our corporate gifts, personalisation services, and other logo branding solutions, contact Coastal Direct Promotional Products today.

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