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Corporate Promotional Products to Keep You Warm This Winter

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Winter has definitely hit the east coast of Australia. Many of us are now shivering through cold mornings and dodging patches of rain on the way home from work in the afternoon. Winter is a great time of year — providing you’ve got everything you need to stay warm and dry.

You know what your customers would love? Corporate promotional products that help achieve this. From umbrellas to branded thermal jackets, Coastal Direct Promotional Products has everything you need to make the most of these brisk winter months.


With the cost of energy increasing, many people are looking to layer up this winter to keep warm. With that in mind, your employees and customers would more than appreciate a branded jacket, jumper, or vest.

Coastal Direct Promotional Products has a broad range of parkas and thermal jackets designed to protect against the harshest elements. If you’re looking for something a little more lightweight, our crew pullovers are both stylish and comfortable.

Often it’s our extremities that suffer the most when the weather turns cold. Fleece-lined gloves help protect against bitter winds, but they’re not necessarily practical. For a client who is always on the go, consider gifting them a pair of fleece-lined touchscreen gloves, helping them stay warm while tapping away on their work phone.

Outdoor and Lifestyle

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to spend the next three months cooped up inside. There are plenty of lifestyle activities that can still be enjoyed regardless of what the weather might be doing.

Encourage your employees and customers to enjoy the great outdoors with our broad range of personalised picnic sets. Our high-quality blankets and rugs means you can spend time outside with family and friends while staying clean, warm and dry. From cheese boards to wine glass holders, we’ve got everything you need to have the perfect day out.


Getting yourself out of bed when the alarm goes off on a cold winter’s morning isn’t exactly fun. For many people, the only thing that keeps us going is the thought of that first cup of tea or coffee.

Coastal Direct Promotional Product’s wide variety of drinkware, vacuum flasks, and tumblers means your employees and customers can take their morning coffee with them on their commute, instantly brightening their morning. Even better, with our personalised branding options, your business name and logo will be clearly visible for all to see, acting as a passive and proven marketing strategy.


Winter equals rain and there’s nothing worse than finding yourself stuck in a storm without an umbrella. Umbrellas are one of the best corporate promotional products out there. Not only are they incredibly useful, but they offer a vast canvas to personalise with your choice of colours, style, and the ability to print your company logo.

Coastal Direct Promotional Product’s broad range of corporate gifts in Sydney includes many different types of umbrellas. Next time your employees or clients turn up to the office dripping with rain, offer them a customised umbrella to take home. You can guarantee they’ll be grateful!


You lose a fair percentage of heat through your head, which is why it’s a great idea to keep this part of your body nice and toasty. Your clients and employees won’t have to sacrifice style for warmth with Coastal Direct Promotional Product’s line of personalised beanies and scarves. Available in a wide range of colours, sizes, and styles, you can even customise the items to feature your business name and logo. What great advertising!

Coastal Direct Promotional Products — for all your promotional product needs

Whether you’re preparing for winter or looking to enjoy long summer days, Coastal Direct Promotional Products has you covered with our wide range of corporate gifts in Sydney.

All of our products are made from high quality materials, meaning you can be confident that your customers, clients, and employees will love your chosen merchandise. Whether you’re preparing for a trade show or looking for the perfect gift to thank a hard-working team of employees, Coastal Direct Promotional Products is confident we can meet your needs.

Corporate promotional products are a fantastic way of getting your company name out there. We offer expert, high-quality branding to help you share your company name and logo with the world.

If you have any questions about our product range or personalisation options, we encourage you to contact the friendly team at Coastal Direct Promotional Products today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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