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5 Reasons to Promote Your Brand with Personalised Tote Bags in Australia

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Brands are always on the lookout for new and cost-effective ways to promote their business, and promotional products are on the top of the list. The Promotional Products Association International mentioned that around 90% of people tend to remember a brand from one of the promotional items they have received.

Around 80% mentioned that their impression of a particular brand was positively altered after receiving a productional product, making them more likely to buy their products and services. When compared with other approaches to advertising, promotional products are a hidden gem.

While there may be many products that can catch the eye of the customers, nothing could do it better than personalised tote bags in Australia. From being practical to visually attractive, there are multiple reasons why brands should consider using tote bags as promotional products.

Highly Visibility

Promotional products are meant to promote the brand, and tote bags are good at it. With the brand’s logo and tagline on it, custom designs are bound to steal a few glances from onlookers. Compared to jackets, shirts, and polo t-shirts, tote bags are held to the side, offering maximum visibility, even from a distance.


Compared to any other form of advertising, promotional products are considered to be highly affordable. Tote bags are not only budget-friendly but also offer a high return on investment (ROI). For a small business, it is too good a marketing strategy to ignore.


When looking from a utility standpoint, tote bags get a total score. Because they can be used for a variety of purposes, they are highly practical. From grocery shopping to holding art essentials, tote bags are often used in public, which can help in maximizing the brand’s visibility wherever it goes.


Tote bags are an excellent substitute for plastic bags, which are slowly poisoning the environment. Not only are tote bags made from sustainable materials, but they can also be recycled. Any brand that is serious about doing its bit for nature conservation must consider using tote bags as a promotional product.


Tote bags are not restricted to a specific age or gender. From young adults to the elderly, anybody can rock a tote bag. Plus, the plethora of options in designs, colours, and sizes make it possible to come up with custom design options that cater to a specific demographic.

How to Use Personalised Tote Bags the Right Way

Tote bags are indeed a great way to increase your brand awareness, but only if it is done right. For anybody who doesn’t know how to go about it, here are a few tips to keep in mind when employing custom tote bags to promote a business.

  • Understanding the differences between the tote bags often lies in price, material, weight, and durability.
  • Thinking from the recipient’s point of view to deliver exactly what they find attractive and useful.
  • Considering the occasion to ensure that the promotional giveaway makes the biggest impact.
  • Keeping the budget in mind while looking at the myriad of options available in tote bags.

Get On-Board with Custom Tote Bags!

When it comes to a promotional giveaway, having the right product is crucial to ensure impact. And nothing could do the job better than personalized tote bags in Australia. If you wish to use them to your advantage, Coastal Direct Promotional Products is here at your service.

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