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4 Crucial Factors To Consider When Using Promotional Products In Sydney

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Choosing to advertise your brand, logo or company by using quality promotional products in Sydney is a very effective way to boost your brand awareness –but where do you start? How will you ensure that you are receiving the biggest ROI (Return on Investment)?

Select your products according to your target market

One of the most important aspects of advertising your brand with promotional merchandise is to choose products that are relevant to your target market. For example, giving away free promotional umbrellas isn’t exactly the best product to be using to promote the opening of your new gym.

Building customer ‘personas’ is a great way to use facts and statistics for understanding who your target audience is and what their buying motivations are. Let’s say that you’re celebrating the launch of your new IT business and want to spread the word with promotional products. A promotional USB stick is going to be much more relevant and functional for your target customers than a promotional stubby cooler or water bottle.

Always have a plan

Rather than just giving away free merchandise and hoping for the best, setting up goals and having a plan is going to be much more effective. Do you know how many units should you order to get the results you need?

This plan should also ask important questions such as the overall goal you want to achieve with your promotional products. Are you wanting to increase your brand awareness? Maybe you are wanting to increase employee satisfaction? Or maybe you want to expand your market reach and generate more leads?

Make sure the right people get them

Using promotional products in Sydney won’t yield the results you are looking for unless you are giving them to the right people. Having 100 people receive merchandise who will never buy from your business is not going to be as effective as having 20 people who are more likely to make a purchase.

Ensuring that the right people are receiving your promotional products goes a long way to saving you money, ensuring you are receiving the results you are wanting to achieve, and increasing the chances of more customers becoming advocates for your brand.

Tailoring your products with customisation

A promotional product needs to be unique and feel personal in order to stand out. For example, a real estate business can promote their company by using or gifting house-shaped keyrings. A football club could use promotional stubby coolers and gift them to their members.

Colours and design are also crucial for attracting the eye and standing out. Full-colour digital transfers result in an eye-catching product, whereas opting for laser engraving creates a sophisticated and professional product with a sense of class. If you’re wanting to give away a large volume of products, then choosing a single colour print is a great option for keeping costs down.

Once you know your plan of attack, reach out to us at Coastal Direct Promotional Products to discover how we can assist you. To learn more information about our free local delivery and view our entire range of promotional products in Sydney, Melbourne and everywhere else throughout Australia, call (07) 5524 6960 or browse our website today!

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