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3 Reasons Why Custom Hats In Australia Are The Ideal Promotional Product

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When thinking of the best promotional product to use for increasing the awareness of your brand or business, there are many great products such as tote bags, water bottles, umbrellas and more. However, hats and caps are still one of the best promotional products for ensuring your logo gets seen by more people. 

If you are considering using promotional products to promote your brand at an upcoming event, trade show or exhibition, then here is why our vast range of custom hats in Australia are the best choice. 

Perfect for Everyone

A major benefit of promotional caps is that they are suitable for anyone, regardless of their gender. This means that you have a much wider net to cast when targeting the type of customer you want to focus on. Most hats are ‘one-size-fits-all’ or have an easily adjustable strap to ensure the perfect fit. 

Of course, the biggest selling point is that everyone wears hats! This makes custom hats perfect when gifting to staff, clients and customers, handing out at industry events, trade shows, conferences, exhibitions and more. 

Stylish and Functional

No one likes getting a cheap promotional product that they end up chucking in the bin as soon as they get home. With a unique style, our Urban Snap Hat is available in a range of different colours, stylish and features an ultra-modern flat peak. Designed with acrylic fabric and including the signature gold foil sticker on the brim, your logo or brand will stand out in style! 

If looking for a more functional promotional hat, our range of custom hats in Australia also includes our Poly Viscose Legionnaire Hat. Meeting all standards in UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) and UV (Ultraviolet) protection, it provides the ideal amount of sun coverage with a fabric covering to protect the back of the neck. This hat is the perfect promotional product for school events or local events that are outside in the hot sun. 

Durable and Long-lasting

Our promotional hats are also made from high-quality materials to ensure they are durable and long-lasting. Combined with the vast range of unique styles, this ensures that your clients, staff and customers won’t be getting a cheap and flimsy hat that will start to fall apart from the moment they get home. 

For example, our one-size-fits-all Case Trucker Hat is made from 100% pigment-dyed cotton twill fabric with back and side panels made from 100% polyester mesh. Featuring a vintage style, it has a unique aged effect without any of the wear and tear. It has a velcro closure, a range of colour options to choose from and is perfect for advertising your business, brand or logo!  

At Coastal Direct Promotional Products, our vast range of high-quality custom hats in Australia includes beanies, trucker caps and hats, swim caps, sports hats, snapbacks, legionnaire’s hats and many more. To find out more information, browse through our website or call us today on (07) 5524 6960 and find out how we can assist your needs. 

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