Sophisticated Dinner Gift Pack

Sophisticated Dinner Gift Pack

Sophisticated Dinner Gift Pack – The Sophisticated Dinner Gift Pack contains everything you need to spruce up your home environment or even indulge in a picnic under the stars. Coming in an eco friendly and reusable Jagg Jute Bag, the pack features a stylish set of wood grained Besancon Salt & Pepper Shakers, an aromatic Reed Diffuser and a Midas Water Bottle. And when the sun is still shining, the small dispenser of SPF 50 Sunscreen will keep you protected from its harmful rays from where the scene will be set by fresh aromas, sophisticated dinner utensils and convenient drinkware, all suited with your unique branding. To add an air of class to your dinners and to receive this amazing personalised gift

Category: Corporate

Sub Category: Promotional Conference and Event packs

  • H315 25mL Sunscreen
  • D910 10ml Reed Diffuser
  • D315 Midas Bottle
  • D161 Besancon Salt & Pepper Set
  • RB305 Jagg Jute Bag


  • All items branded in a single colour location print

Packaging Information

  • 0 Kgs / 0 Pcs
  • 0(h) x 0(w) x 0(l) mm

Colours Available:

Bottle Colour: White, Blue, Red, Black
Reed Diffuser: Fresh Linen, Vanilla, Lemongrass

Min Qty: 5