Outdoor Daydreamer Gift Pack

Outdoor Daydreamer Gift Pack

Outdoor Daydreamer Gift Pack – Perfect for spending those sunny days in the shade. The Outdoor Daydreamer personalised Gift Pack contains all you need to set your creativity free under the warming rays of the Australian sun this gifting season. Protect your lips with the smooth Vanilla Lip Balm and express your colourful thoughts with the vibrant Briteliner Grip pen into the Leatherette Small Cover & Notebook. Then pull out your A4 and A5 Colouring Books to let your imagination go. This is the gift pack that creatives and big dreamers are perfect for.

Category: Corporate

Sub Category: Promotional Conference and Event packs

  • H606 Vanilla Lip Balm
  • G3212 Briteliner Grip
  • G4003-G4033 Leatherette Small Cover & Notebook
  • NP130 A4 & A5 Colouring Books
  • RB304 Jim Jam Jute Bag


  • All items branded in a single colour location print

Packaging Information

  • 0 Kgs / 0 Pcs
  • 0(h) x 0(w) x 0(l) mm

Colours Available:

Brightliner: Orange, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink
Leathertte: Red, Orange, Lime Green, Blue, Aqua, Black

Min Qty: 15