Everyday Gift Pack

Everyday Gift Pack

Everyday Gift Pack – The perfect gift for when you don’t know what else to get. The Everyday Gift Pack contains a variety of useful and stylish personalised products that your client are guarenteed to love and use throughout their daily life! In addition its sustainable and eco friendly creation will put your brand ahead to creating a better future and in favour among a progressive audience. The Everyday Gift Pack comes with a resuable but stylish Jagg Jute Bag, a Lotus Mirror Finish Bottle, a small yet powerful OBI Bluetooth Speaker and a Vitra Pen. It also comes with a Reusable Stainless Steel Straw, an AGRADE Pocket Memo Pad and an Axil Round Keychain. It really has it all! This unique personalised gift is popular among all audiences and its versatility means that its uses are never put to waste.

Category: Corporate

Sub Category: Promotional Conference and Event packs

  • D505 OBI Bluetooth Speaker
  • S888 Lotus Mirror Finish Water Bottle
  • A4088 Axil Round Keychain
  • NP153 Reusable Stainless Steel Straw
  • NP160 Vitra Pen
  • EX105 AGRADE Pocket Memo Pad
  • RB305 Jagg Jute Bag


  • All items branded in a single colour location print

Packaging Information

  • 0 Kgs / 0 Pcs
  • 0(h) x 0(w) x 0(l) mm

Colours Available:

Bottle: Black, White, Lime Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Grey, Aqua
Pen: Red, Orange, Lime Green, Cyan, Blue, Black
Notepad: Black, Brown

Min Qty: 5