Classic Temporary Tattoos®

Classic Temporary Tattoos®

Classic Temporary Tattoos® – Paper transfer based tattoos, choice of six standard sizes. Apply Tattoo wet to skin. Lasts 3-5 days. Life depends on skin type, perspiration, etc. Can be removed using baby oil or rubbing alcohol. Temporary Tattoo inks are non-toxic and meet all USA FDA regulations. Multi images can be printed on larger sheet size. Fastest turnaround – 3 weeks. Free contact details on the back of every tattoo. Low cost, high impact!

LNTATT_38 x 38mm Offset Lithographic Print_277

Category: Toys and Games

Sub Category: Temporary Tattoos

Product Specifications

  • Various
  • Material: Tattoo paper


Packaging Information

  • 1000 per carton
  • Bulk in stacks of 200 (Rubber band) then suitable sized cartons. Weights below based on 1000 units:
  • 38 x 38mm = 0.37kg
  • 38 x 57mm = 0.5kg
  • 50 x 50mm = 0.5kg
  • 57 x 78mm = 1kg
  • 78 x 102mm = 1.7kg
  • 38 x 152mm = 0.9kg



Minimum Qty: 1000