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Why Our Promotional Stubby Holders In Australia Are An Invaluable Marketing Tool For Your Business

Promotional Stubby Coolers

Promotional Stubby Coolers and Can Coolers Make Great Event Gifts.

There are many promotional products such as pens, tote bags, keyrings and stress balls that are highly effective at promoting your brand to your customers in a highly functional way. However, promotional stubby holders in Australia continue to be one of the best ways to advertise your brand to a wider audience. At Coastal Direct Promotional Products, we have an extensive and high-quality range of personalised stubby coolers in Australia that can make your brand stand out while keeping your drink nice and cold. Customised stubby coolers or can coolers are delivered direct to your business, company or events in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth and Hobart including local areas of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba. Give us a call or submit an online quote inquiry today!

More Opportunities for Brand Exposure

In Australia, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a nice cold beer or a can of cider in the afternoon after a long day. As alcohol is, and always will be the drink of choice at social events, there will always be people drinking alcohol at social gatherings such as picnics, parties, work events, outdoor and indoor events, birthdays, pubs and restaurants. Add in the fact that Australia has one of the hottest climates on Earth, and you can start to see why promotional stubby holders in Australia will always have such a high promotional value. At Coastal Direct Promotional Products, we have promotional Foldable Can/Stubby Coolers that are made from durable 5mm neoprene rubber, available in a wide range of colours and are designed for 375ml bottles and cans.

Highly Functional

An additional benefit is that personalised stubby coolers in Australia are designed to keep your drink warm, which doesn’t just mean alcoholic beverages. No matter the type of drink, we have Schooner & Midi Glass Coolers to ensure that your customer’s glass is being kept cool while your brand is being promoted. With single, multi and full-colour printing options available, they are the perfect idea for any promotional campaign. Stubby coolers are also not an item that people usually buy for themselves, meaning that your customers are more likely to hold onto them when they realise how useful they are.

Promote to a Larger Audience

Another great thing about promotional stubby holders in Australia is that they make it easy to reach a larger audience for promoting awareness about your business and brand. As drinking is mostly done in a social setting, your customers will always be using their stubby cooler in the presence of their family, friends and work colleagues. At Coastal Direct Promotional Products, it’s not just their stubby or glass that they can keep cool. We can also provide high-quality Twin Wine Bottle Coolers with base, perfect for bringing a nice cold bottle (or two) of wine to birthdays, parties, BBQ’s and more. It can fit up to 2 wine bottles, comes in a range of print options and is made from strong, durable 5mm neoprene rubber.

Highly Cost-Effective

Personalised stubby coolers in Australia are also incredibly cost-effective, especially when compared to traditional marketing methods. Rather than spending large amounts of your budget on marketing such as magazines, billboards and radio advertisements, our stubby coolers allow you to directly engage with your customers for a fraction of the cost. They are also cheaper when ordered in bulk and are made from durable and quality materials to ensure a long life span.

With an extensive range including Wine Glass Coolers, Water Bottle Coolers, fun Jersey Coolers and much more, get in contact with Coastal Direct Promotional Products when you need affordable, high-quality and colourful promotional stubby holders in Australia to promote your brand. To browse our entire range of promotional products and to find out more information about our printing services, Take a look at our extensive range of branded promotional products today!

Why Promotional Stress Balls In Australia Are The Ideal Promotional Merchandise

Promotional Stress balls & Stress Toys


Stress is unfortunately a common factor when it comes to the Australian workplace. According to Safe Work Australia, last year over 7, 200 Australians were compensated for work and stress-related issues in the workplace for 2018. Stress relievers such as stress balls play an important role in managing the effects of stress while providing additional health benefits as well. This is why when looking for promotional stress balls in Australia, stress relievers are the ideal marketing product that your customers will constantly use throughout their day.

Firstly, what are the additional health benefits of stress relievers and stress balls? Well, using a stress ball or stress toys helps to boost blood circulation. This is beneficial as it helps with the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a common issue throughout the Australian workplace. They are also used as a form of physical therapy to strengthen the muscles in the hand after incidents such as a sprain or fracture, excessive overuse or arthritis.

Of course, the main benefit is that they relieve stress, hence the name ‘anti-stress ball’. At Coastal Direct Promotional Products, we have a range of premium and high-quality stress relievers, stress toys and stress balls that are fun, unique and highly durable. As the ideal form of promotional stress balls in Australia, our Emoji stress ball relievers are not only fun and relevant but are also made from PU (Polyurethane) meaning that they are very durable to wear and tear and high amounts of heat from excessive use. We feature a range of unique stress balls in fun designs and shapes such as sports cars, aeroplanes, globes, keys, Lego blocks, golf clubs, animals, footballs, house stress balls and much more. We deliver your custom branded, digital printed or custom printed promotional stress ball, stress toy and stress items direct to Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth and Hobart including local areas of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba.

Order Promotional Stress Relievers, Stress Toys or Stress Balls for your next campaign

Apart from stress balls, we also have stress relievers including fiddle cubes (fidget cubes) and fidget spinners as well. Their compact and convenient size means that your customers can use their fiddle cubes no matter where they are. Each side features a unique stress-reducing function that allows them to either flick, scroll, press, click or swipe, while a blank side features your company brand or logo.

Following a worldwide craze, fidget spinners have become incredibly popular. Take advantage of their popularity by using our range of promotional fidget spinners as unique form of promotional stress balls in Australia. Featuring your company logo or brand as a centre piece in the middle, your customers will enjoy spinning, twirling and tossing this therapeutic handheld device. Available in a variety of colours, our range of promotional fidget spinners also come with a complimentary clear gift case that can be customised with your company brand or logo.

For fun, unique and stress-reducing promotional stress balls in Australia, get in contact with the friendly and professional team at Coastal Direct Promotional Products. Browse through our website to find out more about our stress relievers, stress toys and stress balls, and all other information regarding our range of premium promotional products today.

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Why Using Promotional Merchandise In Brisbane Is A Crucial Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

Promotional Marketing Merchandise for any Promotion

Creating a marketing strategy can raise a lot of questions that are hard to answer. What is the best way to have your logo or business permanently in the minds of your customers? What is the best cost-effective way to stand out from your competitors? There are many benefits to using promotional merchandise in Brisbane AU to promote your business, but one of the major benefits is having an effective and cost-effective marketing strategy. But how exactly can Coastal Direct Promotional Products assist with your merchandise marketing strategy? Well, check out some of our answers below.

Connecting With The Local Community

The best promotional merchandise doesn’t just have to be for gifts and seasonal occasions. It’s also a great way to connect with your local community and spread the message and awareness of your company’s brand. Providing promotional merchandise ideas such as t-shirts, tote bags, backpacks and inductive chargers will show that your business cares about supporting the local community. At the same time, your brand is promoted throughout the local community and establishes an important and personal connection to your community. Providing a promotion item adds a sense of value to your customers; their business is important and appreciated at all levels of inquiry or sale.

A Lasting Impression

Utilising promotional merchandise in Brisbane Qld will also create a lasting impression with your customers. Numerous research and studies have shown that a majority of people will instantly remember the name or logo of a company if they received a promotion product from the same company. A promotional product is not just a gift, but also a constant reminder of your business when your customers are using your promotional product throughout their daily tasks. Even with tight budget restraints there are many quality cheap promotional items widely available for every day use with product marketing.

The Best Advertising Space

Most of your customers spend their time at their office or workplace, away from various forms of advertising. This is why using promotional merchandise in Brisbane from Coastal Direct Promotional Products will have your business’s logo on the best advertising space possible: your customer’s desk! Choosing high-quality and premium promotional products such as exquisite engraved metal pencil/pen gift boxes, water bottles, umbrellas, custom printed swivel/power bank USB gift box sets and other promotional office stationery will act as a permanent billboard right in the middle of their office. Promotional highlighter pens, custom branded notebooks and notepads are always in high demand.

Find the best promotional merchandise online 24/7 for your product advertisement! When you need high-quality, cost-effective and premium promotional merchandise in Brisbane for all your marketing needs, speak with the friendly and experienced team at Coastal Direct Promotional Products. Browse through our website today to find out more information about our extensive range of personalised promotional products in Brisbane.

As one of the best promotion companies offering quality promotional items at affordable prices for your business promotion marketing, speak to one of our promotion product experts about marketing your business with promotional items today!

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How Promotional Products In Brisbane Are Crucial For Your Branding

Promotional Products in Brisbane

Promotional Products in Brisbane and Quality Merchandise

For local businesses around the Brisbane area, it can be hard to promote and market your business to the masses against the constantly growing competition. Customers have more access than ever before to your competitors which means that promoting your business and growing brand awareness with your customers is crucial. An old yet proven form of marketing that can get your brand out there is with premium promotional products in Brisbane, and no, we aren’t talking about a tacky pencil or a fridge magnet.

With premium promotional products, your customers are using a premium product. This means that instead of a tacky pencil that they will most likely throw away after receiving, your customers will be using a functional high-quality product that is beneficial to them. For example, our Quantum Trolley Backpack’s are made from strong and durable 600D polyester, features a laptop and tablet compartment, retractable handle and comfortable padded back straps. A premium promotional product is like a business card that your customers will continue to use for years, resulting in free advertisement for your business.

Premium promotional products in Brisbane qld also gives your business a great impression. When giving away cheap quality promotional products, your customers will interpret your business as cheap from the reflection of the product you are giving them. People love free gifts, but no one likes cheap quality gifts. This doesn’t mean the product has to be expensive, just high-quality and functional. Instead of a basic umbrella with your logo on it, our Swiss Peak Tornado Umbrellas have an incredibly strong metal shaft encased in a beautiful fibre glass frame with comfortable rubber grips. They also come packaged in a sleek gift tube making our promotional products feel more like a present rather than a ‘marketing product’.

Some of the most common corporate and business premium promotional products in Brisbane custom branded have been; high quality engraved metal pen/pencil gift box sets, custom printed power bank / swivel USB gift box sets, Jute and Calico tote bags and backpacks have some great styles and are utilised daily. Inductive chargers with full-colour designs are extremely popular these days with everyone plugged into technology, your customers will be impressed when they receive a premium gift such as these. Promoting your business with a promotional polo or T-shirt can be highly rewarding when creating a highly visual and colourful design incorporating your logo which can be worn regularly.

Coastal Direct Promotional Products have a great range of homeware gifts that are highly useful for keeping your brand awareness active every time they are utilised. Consider these as an alternative gift in your next campaign. A personalised tea towel in full colour incorporating your logo is a perfect example.

At Coastal Direct Promotional Products, we have a huge variety of premium promotional products in Brisbane that will make the perfect promotional gift for any occasion. Whether you are looking for corporate gift solutions, clothing, confectionery, office stationery, tech gadgets, high-quality water bottles or anything else in-between, we will meet all your promotional product needs. For more information on our promotional products, and to get started, visit our website today.

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Top 4 Benefits Of Using Promotional Merchandise In Melbourne

Melbourne Promotional Products and Merchandise

Expansion is the main concern of businesses that want to succeed. In order to grow and increase their return on investment, businesses need to promote their brand to the masses. With the heavy amount of competition, this can seem like an impossible task to some businesses. There are many different types of marketing and advertising, but the most tried and true formula that has proven results time and time again is using promotional merchandise. Not only does it constantly advertise your brand but your customers have a quality item that they can also use or give to someone else as a gift; which results in more advertising for no extra cost. Below are the top 4 benefits your businesses can gain from using promotional merchandise in Melbourne Victoria.

  1. Get Your Brand Out There

With promotional merchandising you can market your business’s brand for much less effort and cost, and with quality products that your customers will actually use and not just throw away. Companies, such as Coastal Direct Promotional Products, can supply high-quality promotional products in Melbourne including t-shirts, office stationery, water bottles, cups, electronics, umbrellas and much more. Not only do your customers receive a quality product that is highly functional, but your brand gets advertised wherever they go with your product.

  1. Loyal Customers

As mentioned before there is a lot of competition when trying to boost your brand awareness. Promotional products have an edge over other forms of advertising as the customer is receiving a free high-quality gift. This creates a personal connection between your business and your customers, which results in customers being more loyal to your brand. You can use promotional merchandising as a marketing tool such as rewards for competitions or gifts for certain holidays.

  1. More Leads

Promotional products will advertise your business’s logo to not only your customers but who they are around as well. If you give a customer a promotional pen, they most likely will take it to work with them and their work colleagues and friends will see this pen, as well as your brand. They can also gift the pen to a friend resulting in their friends seeing your logo and the cycle continues. This on a large scale with all your customers will generate more awareness of your brand and create more leads and visits back to your main website.

  1. Customisable

Promotional merchandising doesn’t just mean the same boring old pen or t-shirt that every other business is promoting. With Coastal Direct Promotional Products, you can fully customise your merchandise to suit your needs and stand out. Choose from a range of options such as engraving services, single or full-colour options, embroidering, digital transfers and much more. Personalise your products to a specific event or whatever you choose.

When you need promotional merchandise in Melbourne to promote your brand with high-quality goods and products, go with the experts at Coastal Direct Promotional Products. For more information, and to browse their entire range of premium promotional merchandise and products, visit their website today.

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